The Ultimate Free ATM List - Travelling (by country)

Hello fellow Revoluters!

Since the other posting (List of ATM's that don't charge a fee) got really messy and Visa does not offer a list of fee-free ATMs, I hereby made a better readable and frequently updated list of banks that do NOT charge you when withdrawing with your Revolut directly in, for and from the Revolut community.

Here is the list of banks that don’t charge a fee for ATM withdrawal: => Dropbox - Revolut_FreeATM.xlsx - Simplify your life :partying_face:

Note: It had to be put on an external server since Revolut does not allow too many post edits! No Dropbox account needed to view the list. Keep on suggesting edits in this thread please.

Help me now! Post your testing experiences below and help to expand the list. I will frequently update this list! Don’t forget to mention if you’re using Revolut Visa or Mastercard (issued earlier). Thanks! :wink:


Gibraltar. NatWest International. No fees (GBP)


Thank you for your time and effort to assemble this new list! Very helpful.

(I’m not sure the note about fees in SEPA countries reflects the current situation, though. I believe it is more complex. It’s not the situation in Germany and Spain, for example.)


Poland: Bank Pekao SA and PKO Bank Polski
both as of mid August 2018, with Maestro

Maybe add that Euronet is never free on your SEPA note.


Kyrgyzstan: Demir bank and Optima bank as of 09/2018


Japan: Kyoto, Tokyo (April 2018)
Seven Eleven: no fees with Mastercard


Yeah. In Denmark too. Danske Bank charged something like 42kr IIRC but Nordea is free and I believe Jyske Bank is free too. But the SEPA thing isn’t completely true


I am not aware of any such regulation. The Wikipedia article about ATM fees also paints a different picture. It sounds more like national law to me.

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Which EU regulation (e.g. Payment Services Directive) states this? I don’t believe that there is any EU regulation about ATM fees (except regarding DCC). Article 3(1) of Regulation (EC) No 924/2009 governs bank transfers, whereby a cross-border transaction must be charged at the same price as a national transaction (in practice usually free), and this is the main relevance of SEPA. Why do you mention SEPA in the context of ATMs?


Thx for your comment (and to the others too)! I might have been mislead by this and now changed the information in the bottom note. Thanks again for pointing out.

That‘s what happens when you got too much time to waste on a airport while travelling :wink:


Note: I’ve heard 7Eleven in touristy places does charge with the Visa card. I only can confirm that withdrawals with Mastercard were free.

I think you should remove all reference to SEPA. It’s misleading and irrelevant in the context of ATMs. You can mention that ATMs of major banks in Europe tend not to charge. That would be a more accurate statement, and in any case, it’s a European cultural thing, not a SEPA or EU thing.

yes, 7-11 was free with MC but 108yen per 10k with VISA

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Good work, off to Laos next week so will report back. Anyone got any tips for there on ATMS?

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Poland- BZBWK (now: Santander)- no fee
ATM Euronet- depends on the card: Visa- no fee, MasterCard 13 PLN fee
ATM Global- no fee

ATM Euronet: depends on the card: Visa- no fee, MasterCard 22 HRK fee

Euronet without fees?! Now this is great news!

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Hi guys,
I’m off to Greece next week.
I heard some crazy fees for ATM withdrawals and that only Alpha Bank has no fees.
On the list it states Piraeus Bank, can someone confirm?


With Visa Card only.