Create an app about ATM fees around the world.


Take it as a feedback. Suggestion are welcome.

It would like interesting to add an option in app about last ATM fees in the different countries as we have in the thread.

The ultimate ATM list

Or to have an independent app in different app stores (Google Play, Apps store…), with fast change of condition on each ATM in different countries. Sometimes looking for in the thread invest time and not always is updated.

It would be very fast to find an ATM and know the conditions depending the city/country you will visit or you are now

Depend of the type of app (open to public or only for Revolut users), The Revolut user may to be update information about city, country, ATM, and/or ATM owner (if this are in a bank), location, date of update.


Thank this is very interesting. By my experience i was in Peru and the Bank of the Nation do not take any extra cost. In Bresil most if the time they charged Reis 24.