Why is VISA exclusive to standard cards?


I think it was a prepaid, it was my friend’s card, I was using a VISA. I stopped using Maestro after going to Canada. I usually travel a lot to countries where Maestro is not supported so maybe I’ll stay away from MasterCard. Hopefully, :r: starts issuing premium VISA cards soon.


I hope Revolut starts issuing standard VISAs and Maestro cards (well, in the UK).

MasterCard is awesome in countries where it works, but it’s a real bummer when you see its sister Maestro accepted but not the big boy MC. WTH.

Besides I have too many MCs. I have only 1 VISA and that’s from Barclays. No way I’m using that abroad.


Yeah, I would probably avoid using it abroad! I remember being charged €5 for withdrawing €10 in Kosovo, and they use € as well. I still didn’t know about :r:, unfortunately.


At the moment you cannot choose between VISA and MasterCard, however you will be given the choice to choose between them in the near future. :slight_smile:


Maestro is not accepted anywhere mastercard is accepted outside europe, sometimes in the US or canada the merchant also signs up to accept maestro, but I have to tell it is very rare for that and the only place I saw that accepted it was walmart, which is not exactly the place a tourist normally goes to. As for using it in ATMs although it should work fine in atms that support cirrus some don’t see a maestro as a valid card.
I am not aware of any place I have travelled that I couldn’t use mastercard but I do not know about scandinavian countries


Have you ever been to a 7 Eleven in Thailand? They only accept Visa, no Mastercard.


Yes in fact I was in November and they accepted both of my MasterCards (bank and sas eurobonus)


I was there last two weeks and I was in 7 Eleven in the following places and non of those accepted my Revolut MasterCard, only Visa:

  • Chiang Mai
  • Mae Hong Son
  • Bangkok
  • Muh Koh Chang

Also if you Google for it you can find news that they just recently started a parntership with Visa but nothing about MasterCard:

I believe you remember incorrectly.


This needs to happen especially the UK users, surely. I’ll happily ditch all my Revolut MCs for a VISA and a Maestro.


It’s correct. I’m in Thailand (Phuket) right now. I tryed to pay at 7 Eleven. They only accept Visa. No Mastercard.


Not really.

Except some isolated cases, MC has a higher acceptance.

The only place where Visa was more helpful was SriLanka
But I’m other places (Japan, Korea, Philippines) MC has a higher acceptance


It’s not really “some”. And even if it’s some, those “some” are pretty major countries. Countries like Netherlands and Germany are pretty much major and MC isn’t accepted.

That’s the problem. MC won’t cover you at all. You need 1 MC, 1 Maestro and 1 VISA and you’re very much sorted.

But I don’t need/want a Revolut MC. Especially when it’s very basic compared to other MC options I have.

A VISA would be much much better for me. Adding Maestro too will be a perfect bonus.


I can’t wait for Revolut to launch Apple Pay. By having all three cards in Apple Pay (VISA, MasterCard and Maestro) you should be covered. That is, as long as the merchant accepts contactless payment.


Is it still in the near future? Will it be this year?


There are many ATMs in Europe, for instance, which charge a fee for MC whereas VISA is free. See this thread for some examples: The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country/as of Sep 2018)


For me MC seems the only option now.


And where is the problem to order a standard visa card? Where is the need to get a premium visa card? :smile:

I have a standard visa card next to my metal/premium master card too and if somebody doesn’t accept mastercard then I still have my VISA as backup


What do you mean by premium visa card? I don’t think there’s one. Premium and Metal cards are all MCs.


Well the Titel says: “Why is VISA exclusive to standard cards”, so somebody want a VISA Premium Card version instead of a Mastercard (because there are no premium visa card) . If he has even the option to order a standard visa card, why would he need a premium visa card version :smile:.

But yes I need to say it would be nice if everyone would have the option to order at least some version of a visa card instead of random selection.


I already had a VISA Card, now only give me the possibility of the MasterCard.
I want a VISA as a customer how can I do to have VISA again ??