Card Used in USA - Experience Feedback

Very old topic, but can anyone tell me which option at an ATM i need to choose to withdraw money in the USA? I have topped my account with sufficient USD. It asks for checking, savings, debit etc…

From memory the best options to try are checking and credit

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Yes it’s good, i made this on avril.
Good trip!

I recently used Revolut debit Master Card to withdraw $300 cash at Chase ATM in New York. I selected Checking account. Then it asked me if I was ok to pay the ATM fee of $3. I accepted with an assumption that up to $300 would be free of charge as per Revolut’s website terms. But later when I contacted Revolut, I was shocked to be advised that I exceeded my limit of $300 as the ATM receipt showed the amount withdrawn was $303. I tried to explain that I could not have withdrawn the required $300 without accepting the service fee of $3. But, the customer rep was not helpful in resolving my issue. So I ended up paying $3 as service fee to Chase and $0.06 as service fee to Revolut. I learnt my lesson not to use Revolut card to withdraw cash in USA as almost all ATMs charge a service fee if you are not a member of that ATM owner bank.

Welcome to the world of Revolut’s PR lingo where free only means that Revolut doesn’t add fees but 3rd party fees may still apply.

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That is one of the stupidmost posts I read in a while. Revolut doesn’t charge the fees. ATM services may do so. This is trivial!

Also it’s the pupose of one of the most successful threads —>

Car companies don’t charge you tolls. Toll road providers do.

I hope you aren’t totally broke now. Those 6¢ really hit hard. :rofl:

Thanks for your reply though sounds funny :grinning:

May be you are smart enough to find something different from what is advertised on the website or the other way that you are ok to pay any fees charged by your bank.

Here in US, all the online banks make it clear either there is a cap in the ATM fees including charged other party or no. of times one is allowed to withdraw cash without incurring any fee (again including charged by other party). This is because of the fact that the online banks don’t own any ATM network which may allow the customers to withdraw cash without any fee. Almost all online banks here is US share the network with other ATM service providers. If you are curious, you can check the following online banks:

  1. Simple Bank
  2. SoFi Money
  3. Varo Bank
  4. Ally Bank
  5. Aspiration

When a bank doesn’t offer fee free ATM withdrawal feature, they make it clear “We don’t charge you. But the ATM operator charge you a fee.”

Look at N26 website which makes it crystal clear.

No car companies in the world advertise "No cost tolls when travel within 200 miles:wink: "

Notwithstanding above comments, I am still a happy beta customer of Revolut :slightly_smiling_face:

:rofl: Thank God. I managed to squirrel away some pennies through Vaults.

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Ah ok, so you’re one of the US users, yes?

That changes some things. You need to differ between use of the card for US residents and non-US residents.

The starter of this topic was talking about usage as a non-US resident.

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yeah. We are talking from a different side of the pond :wink:

I got the following message yesterday. Glad to get confirmation that Allpoint ATMs are free of surcharge here in USA.

With a Revolut card, you can:

  • Withdraw $300 per month surcharge-free from Allpoints ATMs
  • Spend and send money abroad at the real exchange rate
  • Get instant spending notifications after every card payment
  • Freeze or unfreeze your card if you misplace it
  • Set up monthly budgets for things like restaurants and groceries
  • Round up your card payments and put away your spare change

Who sent that? Revolut?

That depends on the country of residence and is not the same for every Revolut user

Yes. Received directly from Revolut

Does that map load for anybody? I just get the “connection was reset”

It works well for me.

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I tried an Allpoint ATM in the US and the machine wanted 3.25 USD ATM fee.
The same thing happened in Mexico when I tried a machine that was on the Allpoint map.
So my question is: which Revolut cards offer this service for free?

I have been withdrawing cash from Allpoint ATMS. I am not being charged any ATM fee. I use both Master and Visa cards.

So they treat U.S Revolut cards differently than cards issued in the EU? That is unfair in my opinion…

Revolut US is a different legal entity, and their local US banking partner has an agreement with a US ATM network to offer free withdrawals at specific ATMs. It’s a benefit for local customers.

Not all services Revolut offers are available everywhere. Some of Revolut’s services are only available in the UK, or the EEA, and this service is only available in the US.

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