Unsupported countries and regions?

What about Vietnam ?

Revolut cards work in Vietnam. I know 1 person who used them there for purchases and ATM withdrawals.

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How can I get card in Bosnia?

I was told yesterday that Revolut don’t support the GBP pegged currencies itself (Jersey-Pound, Guernsey-Pound, …). Is it working working for you because all cash machines can work with GBP in that area instead of the local currency??

My standard-currency is EUR so I must be sure that Revolut takes the money from the GBP-Account instead of EUR-Account when I will visit the channel islands next year.

Revolut works fine in Kosovo.
All banks apart from BKT charge 5EUR fee for any withdrawal so make sure you use BKT.


Thanks for that, you may want to share that in this thread so it help others (I have that thread bookmarked):

@PhilT, the GIP, JEP, GGP etc codes are used only in wholesale banknote trading. Sometimes you might even see SCP for Scottish banknotes, even though SC is the country ISO code of the Seychelles, not Scotland (which is no more wrong than using BTC for Bitcoin instead of XBT as BT is the country ISO code of Bhutan).

Electronic transactions are always in GBP. And there’s no pegging; these local banknotes and coins are fixed, not pegged, at parity with GBP banknotes and coins.


Thank you so much for your detailed answer!

what about India?? Can we use Revolut card in India without any issue to pay and withdraw from ATM?

@nomadus: I dont know. I never been to India so far :slight_smile:

Netherlands - MasterCard is not accepted on 99% of the places.

From other :r: users:

I will be travelling there soon, I will post my experiences there.

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Hi there,

Does anybody know when it will be possible to register with a Myanmar phone number?
I changed my phone and I cannot log-in on my new phone with my Myanmar phone number …
I initially registered with a French phone number that I asked Revolut to change manually to use my Myanmar phone number. But when I try to log-in on my new phone, amongst hundreds of countries (of which I didn’t even know some of them existed), Myanmar is not an option …

Thanks this is useful info, with the current global crisis, don’t I’ll be traveling anytime soon!

Diríjase a mi en español, yo resido en España, y no entiendo inglés. Que información proporcionan ustedes.???


I paid with my MC in Transnistria at a local supermarket called Sheriff, in app it appears that I maid that payment in Russia in russian rubles.
About curency not supported by revolut: you can also add Moldovan lei there(you can’t open an account in moldovan lei).

Worked fine in Nouakchott, Mauritania.

confirmed : it doesn’t work in South Sudan even though they can charge in USD. it says COUNTRY NOT SUPPORTED :woman_shrugging:t3:

Isn’t Sudan in general subject to a lot of sanctions? Probably why

I am talking South Sudan.