Travelling to Japan

For the people who has success using the card in Tokyo, did you have a MasterCard or Visa?

I am coming back from 10 days in Japan in 2 hours. The experience with Revolut was not very exciting to be honest. I was charged more than 100Yen at a 7Eleven to withdraw (from savings account) and 90% of the time I had to use my standard bank card since Revolut one was not recognised. Also when I wanted to pay directly by card, somtimes also that was not possible. In 10 days in Japan I have been able to use it like 3 times or something like that. I was forced to use my standard bank card almost always.

Revolut support has not been replying in the last half a day.

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Thanks for sharing. We will be traveling to Tokyo on Monday. It’s good you told us. Out of interest, when you used your standard bank cards, were they accepted? Is a problem of Visa/MasterCard or Revolut in general?

Hello. My standard bank card was accepted at any ATM which allows for non Japanese cards. Be sure to pass by your bank or have them activate the use of the card for overseas use (in my case it was out of the European Union).
Differently the Revolut card never worked with one or two exceptions. In one case I had also issues in paying directly with it.
Keep this in mind since several shops and restaurants will only accept cash, even when you wouldn’t expect it to be the case, e.g. on top of the Asahi tower in Tokyo. So I suggest you to bring some cash and change it at the airport where the rate is ok and to have your traditional credit card with you anyway.

I withdrew ¥20,000 at a 7-Eleven ATM with my Revolut Visa for the first time today and had to pay an ATM fee of ¥216.

The exchange rate was very good. No additional Revolut fee.

I withdrew ¥20,000 at a 7-Eleven ATM with my Revolut Visa for the first time today and had to pay an ATM fee of ¥216.

Exchange rate was really good. No additional Revolut fee.

Has card acceptance improve in Japan recently?
I know most of the transactions are still made using cash but just wondering if most of you were able to use the card to make payments or just to withdraw cash at the ATM

I just came back from a two week trip to japan. Here’s my experience.

I was able to withdraw money from FamilyMart and 7-eleven ATMs without a problem with my Revolut MasterCard. I’ve read that it works at these places and I can confirm. FamilyMart took a ¥216 fee for withdrawing ¥50,000. Withdrawing from a 7-eleven had zero fee.

I travelled to Okinawa, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and Nara. There was an option to pay with card almost everywhere, and even where there wasn’t any mastercard logo, they accepted it and it worked flawlessly every time except once at an Osaka McDonalds. The payment got rejected because of the gps based security setting. Revolut thought I’m trying to pay at Tokyo while I’m in Osaka. I guess this is an error on McDonalds’ side.

I was able to pay with revolut at the hotels too.

I would have got additional discount at a store if I had a Visa card, which sadly I didn’t have.

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Hi all,

Thanks for the info so far.

Will be travelling to Japan soon. Would like to check if my understanding is correct for withdrawing cash from an ATM.

There is a monthly withdrawal limit of GBP 200 for a standard Revolut MC. Any amount under would be free (e.g. at a 7/11 ATM). If GBP 200 is exceeded, there would be a withdrawal fee. Is that correct? If so how much would the fee be (e.g. per 10000 Yen).

Thanks for any feedback.

Check ATM withdrawal fee at:

For Standard User:

ATM Withdrawals up to £200 / €200 / 200USD / 200CHF / 800PLN / 1,500DKK / 2,000SEK / 2,000NOK / 800RON / 4,500CZK or currency equivalent per month are free. Anything over the above limits is charged at 2% of value of ATM Withdrawal.

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also this thread may help too:


I am sorry your message is a little bit outdated But I would like to get some information as I going to travel to Japan in August. My question has been published on another forum however I didn’t get any answer.

The link of query: ATMs in Japan

Thank you for your help

" I have seen there are some peoples who had some difficulties to withdraw money in Japan. I would like to clarify problems as I going to travel to Japan this summer.
I’ve read that many people who are problems were peoples who tried to withdraw cash by using basic Revolut account whit a Visa debit card. But peoples who used a premium account or metal whit a Mastercard could withdraw at 7-Eleven’s ATM? It is that one can read on this document: The Ultimate Free-Withdrawal List for ATMs worldwide!

Yet, I would like to be sure that the problem is Visa card no Mastercard?

Besides, I shall pay a large sum by cash, and I would like to profit the beneficial rate of exchange provided by Revolut. That why I would like to ask Revolut community if it is possible to make a large withdrawal with a Revolut Premium Mastercard?

Thank you for your help"

I have succesfully withdrawn from 7/11 ATM’s with a Revolut Visa and basic account. I have always stayed below €200 per month and have never been charged any fee.

Also did not have any problems paying with the card, but you do have to enable swipe payments, as they are still quite common. In Japan

I am travelling back to Japan in 3 weeks, so I will update about this ( if I don’t forget ).


Thank you very much for your response!


so I am in Japan right now and I can confirm using the 7-eleven ATM s works with my Revolut Metal mastercard with no commission, also the) ATMs from Japanese post offices will accept the revolut card but will ask for a 216 yen transaction fee, outside of these two options I can say it was very hard to withdraw money with my revolut card, because my card was rejected even at international ATM’s, I only once managed to get cash from an international ATM in Tokyo from the Mizuho Bank but again got a 216 yen tax for each withdrawal independent of the sum.

In conclusion stick to 7-eleven stores and you will be fine :smiley:

To further that, AEON ATMs should work as well.

7-11 ATMs will only have no fee for MasterCard to my knowledge - Visa will have a 108 Yen (100¥ fee 8¥ tax) fee attached with it, unless this is also 2x that now

That is correct!


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Hi. It’s interesting that you weren’t charged with any fee since you used Visa. I only know that you won’t be hit with bank fees for MC. My friend was hit with handling fee of 110JPY. He withdrew 10 000 YEN. May I know the exact location you went to for the 7/11 ATM? Also this may seem odd, did you withdraw outside business hours? Thank you!

Hi, this is a 2020 update.

I agree with the previous comments, 7/11 is the most reliable place for :atm: cash withdrawals.
If you are fortunate to have a revolut mastercard then you can withdraw cash for free up to your monthly allowance (£200/£400/£800) and then Revoluts standard fee applies.

But if you have a Visa card, the following are additional charges applied to all :atm: withdrawals
:arrow_backward:¥19000 - ¥110 charges (¥100 + ¥10 tax) and
:arrow_forward:¥20000 - ¥220 charges (¥200 + ¥20 tax)

Restaurants and supermarket chains do accept card payments. To date i’ve not incurred any hidden or additional charges paying by card. Restaurants seem to take payments via chip and pin and supermarkets via swip payments. Contactless does not seem to exist.
You can also pay by card at some convenience stores.


Hi! I used my Revolut in Japan when I studied there for a year. It worked very well with no ATM fees up to the withdrawal limit. Something worth noting is that Japan doesn’t use contactless payment as widely as the rest of the world - so it’s worth noting down your PIN so that you don’t forget it!

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