Advices for Zanzibar, Tanzania?

Hi there,
@elmarconi has that fabolous list we all use. A bit of bad luck for me: Tanzania is a white line.

As Zanzibar is a dream holiday destination I barely believe that nobody from the community has ever been there.

Do you have any advice? Maybe you know someone who made some experiences on the island or Tanzania.

From what I heard so far, it is a pretty cashy island and the US$ is the prefered currency. The MasterCard Nearby app lists only 4 ATMs in Stone Town. :thinking:

PS: Any tips for the Addis Ababa airport, @Iskender? :grin:

Make your layover as short as possible. The airport is ok ish but is quite crowded

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They say “DXB of Africa”. :man_shrugging:t3::grin:

Is not bad. But is crowded. Ethiopian airlines had a huge growth in the past years and they’re still struggling to expand the airport.

If you wanna see a really bad airport, check Sharjah :joy:

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Hi folks, I was in Zanzibar last year for the summer.

The village I was staying in had a Barclays ATM. Charged be about 5 Euro to withdraw money. However I also had a n26 card - the ATM did not charge me to use n26. So I used n26 for my whole holiday.

Why was there a charge for revolut and not n26? They are both mastercard…

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n26 use Mastercard debit
Revolut use prepaid card

Is that the case?

I don’t know why that is. But you’ve been here I guess: Paje

edit: The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)

Yep you’re right. :slight_smile: Only two ATMs outside of Stone Town and Paje is one of them (Nungwi the other).

Did you enjoy your trip?