Marrakech Shopping

Hi @70ny,
Well all of the above is widely discussed in the forum – and explained as well. Some of it in the FAQ as well.

In short:

  1. DCC is a process you need to avoid. The ATM may recognize it’s not a Maroccan card and offer withdrawal in £ at the bank’s rate. Fees may apply and :r: has no influence on that. Check that:
    The Ultimate Free ATM List - Travelling (by country)

  2. If you own € you’ll be charged in €. If you own 50 € and you are charged 100 € the next biggest currency account will be used at the actual Interbank rate.

  3. It makes sense to exchange into local currencies if possible because on weekends you’ll have a mark up and maybe you’ll get more MAD today then next week for the same amount of £.

I hope that helps.