ATM withdraw fees Slovakia

Hi. If somebody know more about fees for ATM withdraw in Slovakia, pls share information.
Today Slovenska Sporitelna ATM charged me 2.5€ for 40€ withdraw. Last time Postova Banka 0€.
Any other experience in Slovakia?

IMHO it looks like DCC…

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Indeed. I am afraid, this was DCC or a fee from the ATM service. In Germany, Sparkasse is a joke. I see their logo with Slovenska Sporitelna and get goosebumps.

EuroNet is also a buzzword in here when it comes to fees.

I have premium account. Today Tatra Banka ATM charged me 1.09. I think that all atm cash withdrawal in Slovakia they will charge. Thank you Revolut…no free atm cash withdrawal anymore

Well, not :r: charger you. Find the list of ATMs that do not charge you here, @objectiv : The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country/as of Nov 2018)

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I used to withdraw two times a month from VUB / TatraBanka / Slovenska Sporitelna but no fees charged… It needs to be DCC…

EuroNet in Denmark is pretty tame. You can actually use a contactless card (or even apple pay, if it even comes to Revolut) to withdraw instead of inserting the card. I really like that, it prevents skimming in high risk touristy areas. It didn’t charge me any fees surprisingly, and even let me withdraw USD without any fees, it charged my account in USD.

MasterCard or Visa?
Sounds good and reminds me on a Japan story I read in the community where it was mostly about time/speed.

Are you a local in Denmark? EuroNet tend to only charge foreigners outrageous charges, because then the locals won’t get angry at them.

Can you elaborate on this? Not actually sure what you mean by “Mostly about time/speed.”

Somebody said that in Japan they use mainly magnet stripe because it’s quick. There’s always a queue behind you at the ATM.


Can you confirm in detail all bank names (VUB etc.), the country (Slovenia or Slovakia?) as well as the card used (MC or Visa)? According to the current information, there are e.g. fees for Slovenska Sporitelna. I would like to update the informations asap.

Thanks a lot!

I used the Revolut card, and it’s registered in the UK so I assume it applies to all cards.

But is your card a Visa or Mastercard, that’s an important detail. Regardless if it’s local or not

From my own experience, Slovenska sporitelna (SS) charges a 2.5€ fee on all withdrawals using cards issued by someone else than SS itself, so it’s not in the hands of Revolut. I can, however, confirm that VUB, Postova banka and Prima banka ATMs do not charge any of these fees and are safe to use (tested using Revolut VISA).


I used to withdraw from “Slovenska Sporitelna” ATMs and I did not face any fees. Using my Metal MC / Standard Visa

Standard VISA Revolut card VÚB and Prima Banka no fees.

I have VISA Revolut card with standard account, but in Tatra Banka ATM my card is not working. ATM show me error message, that my card is disfunctional or damaged, but in ATM’s of other banks card works without problems. Have you PRO Revolut account or your card is Master Card?

Yes i have premium account with mastercard.

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I can confirm Slovenska Sporitelna now charges foreign cards 2.50 EUR for cash withdrawals. Used Halifax clarity today and was notified of the fee. Had to accept as urgently needed the cash. There is also a limit of 200 EUR per withdrawal.