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I was in Spain for the last one week. I tried using different ATM’s and I was very confused because as I remember ATM’s in revolut should be free. Most of the ATM’s in Spain add some fee to withdraw transaction for example 5 Euro. I tried finding free atm’s, but I think it was impossible. I’ve checked bbv santander caixa bank and all add some fee to withdraw. Please be careful :slight_smile:

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Just to be sure- have you cancelled DCC offer?

Unfortunately this is a know “scam” in several EUR south/west countries…

The ATM detects that your card is in GBP ( UK issued card ) and it proposes 2 solutions :
- Bill GBP from your account with their “preferential” ( = shitty ) FX rate.
- If you refuse, the ATM will bill EUR from your account, but it will charge a fixed fees, ie 5€

Sometimes it’s not very clearly indicated…

I know this- I have experienced it on my own and have described it on this forum (with pictures).
Unfortunately this fee will be counted in both cases (DCC on and off)
In Poland it is 13 PLN.
Fortunately it works like this only in case of MasterCard

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Hello I am new in here, sorry if it is not the right chat.
I tried to withdraw money from several ATMs in Spain as ‘squrvik’ and the minimum commission that they force me to pay is 2€ in bank ‘la caixa’. I would like to know if there would be any other possibility to get cash without paying so much commission? Thank you very much!

You are looking for this thread: The ultimative free ATM withdrawal list for travelling (by country)
However, it was last updated in August.

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Just used my Revolut card in Murcia at a bank with a Telebank sign above the ATM but the app shows it as Targobank

Hi, I’m travelling to Spain in two days and would like to know some fee-free ATMs to withdraw from. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance!

Check the topic below:

Thank you, but I fear it’s a bit outdated. Anyway, I’ll try ATMs that are listed as free first :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll post my experience here then.

Just used Deutsche Bank in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria to withdraw euros from Halifax Clarity, no fee.