List of ATM's that don't charge a fee

Hi there,
I would like to have a feature in the app where I can check which ATMs to use when travelling to new countries. The content could be submitted by users.

For example:
When I go to South Africa I would like to see something like: Use Nedbank ATMs, they have no fee
When I go to Switzerland: You can use all ATMs without a fee
When I go to Brazil: Banco do Brasil has no fee (ATMs usuall work only between 6am and 10pm)
When I go to XYZ: Bank A has the lowest fee which is $2


Yes thats a super idea for the ones struggled with the 500GBP no-fee limit! :smiley:

Some online banks (which don’t own (yet) ATMs) provide a useful map to their customers of ATMs over the world which doesn’t take fees ; so we could go beyond 500GBP with no 2% fee on selected ATMs. :wink:

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love that idea am currently in Turks and Caicos ATM’s want to charge $5 0r $5.5 to use ATM however at the IGA ATM there is no charge so agree would be useful to have list of ATM’s that do not charge

This is very good idea, I contacted Revolut recently
about this and got a cool response.
This is surprising as no ATM fees´ is a cornerstone
of their marketing.
It would not have to be on their App just a web page
we could contribute to would help a lot.
In the meantime I am trying Global ATM Alliance`
but nothing for Dubai and Sri Lanka – my next trip

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Absolutely agree. It is difficult to know where to look unless you are very familiar with a country / area. I often find myself faced with an ATM which clearly states that it will charge a fee. That does give me the option to look elsewhere but, without knowing how far I will have to look or how long it’s going to take, I normally just accept I have to pay the fee and it is annoying.

Thank you @Avalon for your suggestion, we’ll take it on board. Unfortunately at this stage, we can not provide a list of which ATMs may charge a fee and which ones will allow you to withdraw for free. However, it’s always preferable to use MasterCard approved ATMs

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Hi Julien - can you give examples of online banks that are providing these sorts of maps?


You do not have to provide the info just a dedicated page that members can add their ATM experiences to.
Not too difficult surely?

Hi Rishi. Sure, are yo go:! :wink:

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This is a good idea but I would suggest to maintain a dedicated forum page rather than an in-app functionality! There is no real need to do that in the app as you can always check which banks do not charge fees before you go

What other features do you think cold be added to app…along the lines of this map of non charging ATMs? I was thinking it would be great if I could get geolocation alerts of gigs or events going on when I am on holiday given that I am generally looking at my revolut app and no other apps really.

Thoughts ?

Please let us know your experience with ATMs in different countries on this forum page in the ‘Travelling’ category.

We are going to make this page public soon so Revolutionaries can easily find their answer on here, or at least other peoples experiences!


Many thanks for taking initiative, Neil. I will have a peek through my overseas transactions and post here when I have time later this week. Are you able to collate this information from the customers’ transactions ? You should be able to identify the ATM withdrawal fees in the transaction history, shouldn’t you ?

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We have looked into this. But its always good to get first hand reviews. e.g. does xyz city have many free ATMs about? Do many of the shops in city abc take card? Does this bank in this country always have free ATM transactions? etc. :slight_smile:

I’ve recently used my Revolut card in South Africa (works perfectly) and found that First National Bank doesn’t charge for withdrawing from the ATMs there, whereas Standard Bank wanted to charge me ZAR 50 (aka €3,50) :angry:

Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank) and PNC bank did not charge ATM withdrawal fees in the states last year. It was on the East Coast. Don’t know whether they operate on the West Coast, though.

Usually ATMs tell you if you are going to be charged but I agree it would be useful to have a map of free ATMs so you don’t waste time trying to find a free one, or end up paying just out of frustration/time constraints.

Secondly, I travel all over the world for my job and have encountered some ATMs that do not accept my Revolut card for one reason or another. It would be useful if somehow Revolut could also add a map with ATMs which definitely work with the card.

Uganda: avoid Barclay’s: they charge a fee for all non-African cards. Other ATMs don’t change a fee, but note that some ATMs (a minority) don’t accept MasterCards

I’ve been travelling in South Africa for 8 months. It seems that First National Bank are the only bank that don’t charge fees. The other main banks - Standard, Absa and Nedbank - all charge around 50 ZAR to withdraw

There’s a MasterCard website and app that does just this. Here