The Ultimate Free ATM List - Travelling (by country)

Romania - BCR Bank ATM with MC (no fee).

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@elmarconi, this statement is untrue for two reasons:

  • Many ATMs in SEPA countries charge for withdrawals.
  • SEPA has no legal bearing on charges by ATMs, only on charges by card issuers for withdrawals in EUR from a EUR account.

Please therefore remove all reference to SEPA. It is materially misleading.

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Yesterday Bankia, BBVA and Santander (the 3 largest Spanish banks) were all charging, both for a Revolut MasterCard and a German Visa debit card. La Caixa was free.

Bank of China ATMs in Beijing have accepted my Revolut card this month.

can confirm Alpha Bank has no fees for withdrawing in Euros as of today (though you have to decline their currency conversion option twice…)

Piraeus is one of several banks charging 2-3 EURO for withdrawal in EUR on a Revolut card (they always notify you so you can use a different ATM)

RUSSIA: “BIN Bank” ATM, RUB withdrawals go without any commission when using standard Revolut Visa. 9 September 2018

Slovakia - Postova banka, Unicredit , VUB don’t charge for withdrawal (both MC and Visa). Though they might offer you DCC.

Avoid Slovenska sporitelna - either DCC or 2,50e per withrdrawal

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BMCI Morocco no fees for both cards.

Thank you for your work. I’m currently in China and I have some info:

  • without VPN, the app doesn’t work correctly.
  • Postal Savings Bank of China ATM doesn’t accepted the card today.
  • China Construction Bank ATM accepted the card.
  • because we can’t access the app, we still don’t know the fees.

Canada: Tangerine and National Bank (Banque Nationale in Quebec)

How much did they charge?

Just updated countries and SEPA-related comments. Thanks to all contributors!

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In Spain , La Caixa, is charging fee (in all options), selecting savings account and selecting credit card. Using Revolut Basic MasterCard.

I have read a recent post that has not been charged at La Caixa, is it possible? Are there differences in the cards?

Yes, I have experienced that sometimes, Visa is charged whereas MC is free. Viceversa is possible too. Moreover, in Mexico for instance, fees are different for Visa and MC at the same bank.

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In Spain Bank Popular, now owned by Santander, charges 5€ for ATM withdrawal, same as Santander

CIMB BANK - No fees for Visa or Mastercard

In Romania, you can also withdraw without fees from ING an BRD.


Anyone in the know for Fee-Free ATMs or best alternatives for The Sultanate of Oman? Thanks

South Africa
FNB now charging R50 (tested Sep 2018 Mastercard)

I think all the banks will charge you this standard amount, R50


Kosovo: BKT - Banka Kombetare Tregtare
Tested with Revolut MC