Problem with my Revolut account app login

I wanna create an account and it says that I got a wrong number. I dunno why.
But, I’ve already tried to create an account long time ago with this number, but when I tried to get it, it says that I have no account associated.

Please could you help me.

Your app does not work right now!
I can’t transfer money and now I can’t even login!

What is the problem? I’ve seen that it is global, I need my money.

No problems logging in over here. Also, the status page does not show any incidents right now. System status | Revolut

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Yes, I can log in right now :smiley: … but still I can’t pay for anything :smiley: with cards, none works.
Is there any site where you inform about this kind of problems? Because let’s face - you have a lot of problems with service and there is a bunch of people that are having the same as I do right now.
Whats going on?

The in app support chat would be my first place to go.

I just paid for groceries with Revolut.

(I don’t work for Revolut. When you’re saying “you have a lot of problems” you’re addressing just another Revolut user in this user community here.)

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So, it’s not a log in problem with your account.
Have you reached out to support in app to ask them if there is a problem verifying your account?

Has your account been approved yet? When did you apply?
Which jurisdiction are you in and have you placed funds in an accepted currency?
When you can answer those questions, we will be in a position to move your question to an appropriate topic which it might receive better visibility from the community.
In the meantime, welcome. If as a community we can help, we will.

Hi, I changed to a new phone and now I am unable to log in to my Revolut app so I cant even get help from in-app support. When I key in my number, it says no account associated with this number. I have quite a bit in Revolut in crypto and the account. What can i do here?

Hi @raimi316 and welcome
You may find (this reference) of some help in the alternative ways to contact :r:

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I hope I am on the right site to present my problem with revolut, otherwise sorry for that.
I do not know how to create new bug and to send to the community.

First of all:
My phone that I use for Revolut is the only one, no other device is in use and I haven’t changed anything, but suddenly Revolut stops working.
The following error message appears constantly: “Unfortunately Revolut has stopped”.

The only way to still be able to use Revolut is by constantly uninstalling and reinstalling the Revolut app.
But this is only for one-time log in, because as soon as you log out, Revolut does not work again.
It messages again and again “unfortunately revolut has stopped”.
You have to uninstall it first and reinstall it, then you can log in again.

In live chat I presented this problem, made pictures of my procedure and sent them.
Unfortunately until today Friday 21.10.2022 at 15:30 the problem not solved.
Feedback to solve the problem on the part of revolut is missing until today.

New chat to start via PC and mobile did not go today (Friday, 21.10.2022)

Does anyone already have the same experience and/or ideas to solve this problem?

Best thanks in advance!

Hi @eles and welcome
In an above post (here) there is a link to alternative ways to contact Revolut.
I hope you manage to get some assistance with your problem.

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Sorry everyone, but is there a topic for blocked accounts? I can’t get assistance on my issue.

Hi @reDim and welcome.
Without further detail it is difficult to know which topic might cover your issue.
There are these ones which might be relevant:

If you’d care to expand further (tag me with @) I can move your post a more appropriate topic or create a new one if required.


@Graham_Lees thanks for the reply!

I’m curious to know what can I do if Revolut blocked my account and it’s an emergency - for instance, now I can’t pay my rent or buy food cos I don’t have access anymore.

Tagging Revolut support everywhere haven’t produced any results.

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There are a number of alternative ways to contact Revolut support that are referenced (here) you might find useful.
It is most unusual for an account to be blocked so I hope you never have to address the problem.

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Same issue and cannot get to support when I’m not logged into the app… Is there another avenue for support outside of app or calling?

Same issue and cannot get to support when I’m not logged into the app… Is there another avenue for support outside of app or calling?

Hi @Chrisbase and welcome
Since you may have missed the topic as a new member…


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Hey, i can’t register into revolut aswell with same bug, when i select my country theres nothing happening in the app. My country is(Turkey) according to company its allowed here but i can’t even register. Help me please.