Apple IP6 unable to access app no upgrade available

Hi, I have a similar problem with my IP6 plus. My IOS is 12.5.6 & i can’t upgrade more. So when i try to login to Revolut App with my 4 digits password, i can read a message “you must to have the last app version to continue”. But the appstore app version need IOS 13… Does it mean i must to change my phone? I don’t want… Coul you help me please?

Hi @Marlen and welcome
Unfortunately, the member you tagged has not been seen since they made their post so it may not be answered by them
As this is is specific to the IP6 device and in order to give it better visibility in the event someone can provide a suggestion, I have moved it to a new topic.
I hope that is acceptable and that someone will respond in due course.

Thank you very much Graham!
Yesterday, i didn’t find how to create a new topic. I guess that maybe as a new member, i can’t…
Have a nice day.

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Yes, in your case you’ll need a phone that supports at least iOS 13.

Yes, the iPhone 6 is 8years old and end of life now since September '22 and will not receive any (security) updates anymore.
It’s too old. You need a newer device - if not for Revolut, for your own general safety.
Please take internet security seriously or you will regret it rather sooner than later.