Problem with my Revolut account app login

Hello, did you try to :

  • Reinstall the app
  • Connect through desktop version
  • Contact them through twitter

I can’t log into my account as I forgot the passcode, however whenever I try and chat the passcode I just get a notification ‘We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later’. This has been the notification for hours.

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I have the same problem as you I don’t get the message to create an account

I can’t register in Revolut, I can’t change the country I chose by mistake
Please, help me

Same issue. Have you managed to resolve? This is frustrating as I need to order a new card.

I have the same kind of problem. it doesn’t recognized my phone number but I use my account for a while on the same phone. It seems my phone number is deactivated or something like that.
I can’t find any phone number for the customer service… the only things I find is I should contact them thought the app but as I cannot log in … I am helpless…
Any ideas guys ? A secret way to contact them ?

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Hi tembargo, this is a user community, there’s no Revolut support here. You can try to log in to your account through the web interface and contact support there. It will first ask you to confirm the login attempt in the app, which of course won’t work for you. But there’s a countdown at the bottom (I think it’s 15 or 20 seconds), once that’s over it will offer you to identify by a code sent via text message or email. Alternatively you can contact Revolut on with your problem or send a DM on Facebook or Twitter.

FIXED: I had the same problem. Lost my passcode and was unable to access the app - and hence support.

I followed all the instructions, took a selfie and uploaded my documents but heard nothing back.

In exasperation I went through the process again the next day - and within minutes the screen came up asking me to put in a new passcode.

I suggest you keep trying with the routine of selfie and upload of document. Keep the app open and wait for the screen to ask for the new code. I hope this helps.

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I am unable to log into the app, I got so frustrated with the inability to access support (as I can’t log in) I tried to create a new account to access some form of help and whenever I try to do this I get an ‘unknown error’. I have a physical card but no way of using it without being able to log into my account. This issue only happened after receiving a new card in April/May this year - I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem.

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Hi there…I am from Kenya…I have a problem…I downloaded the revolut app because I wanted to create an account for payments. When I try to create an account it tells me invalid phone number…when I try to repeat the process…it tells me something went wrong…I dont know what might be the problem…I am sure my phone number is correct…I have even tried to switch it up a bit but still it does not seem to work…please get back to me urgently cause I really need the account for certain payments


I’m experiencing the same problem.
I once got a free revolut card (around 2019). I was then (around 2020) requested by Revolut to update my ID documentation, which l I never did.

Now, I installed the revolut app on my phone and was requested to provide my number. Honestly, I am not sure if I ever used my phone number to create a Revolut account or if I ever had one (but if I did, it was with my current phone number since I have it since 2012).

So basically I provided my number to enter my account and received a message with a code but couldn’t go from there.

Afterwards, I tried to register to create a new Revolut account (since I’m unsure if I ever had one) and this message popped out (image) saying that there was an error and to try again later.
I honestly don’t know what to do.

Could you please help me with this?

Thank you :pray:

I have the exact same problem. Maybe it’s a technical issue. But contacting the Revolut customer service is impossible without access to the app. I’ve sent an email to and got a reply fairly quickly so you could try that too. Good luck

Can someone please help me! I can no longer login to my phone app transfer money to my card via laptop and am not receiving emails from revolute. Neither does the chat work so I cannot contact them. Also can’t see a way of posting here!

This is a user community there is no Revolut support here. There are several other ways, other than through the app, to reach out to support. For example the one mentioned in the post just above yours.

Thanks! I’ll try the email as I’m also having problems with online chat.