Please read this first for help! How to contact Revolut.

I created this thread so new users can see the information they seek right away. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think these two points answer most of the questions I have read here in the past few weeks.

  • There is NO telephone number to talk to a live agent from :r:.

  • If you want to contact Revolut for a complaint then please click here.

For further help please take a look at the Help centre here.

:point_right: The official Facebook account is here.

:point_right: The official Twitter account is here.

More information is found in the Personal terms here.

How you can contact us
Write to us: 4th Floor, 7 Westferry Circus, London, E14 4HD, UK

Freeze your Revolut Card: +44 (0)203 322 8352

Send us a message on social media.

Email us on:

Revolut for Business users can go here as well.

Revolut for Business users can also start a chat without signing in here (there is a chat icon in the lower right).

Thank you for reading.


Maybe also add that they will receive little to no help from Revolut here and that they should contact Revolut via Twitter/Facebook if the in-app chat doesn’t work/respond anymore.


Added some links. Thanks for pointing it out.

Everybody has a different experience. This thread is about helping new users to find the information they seek.

Great idea @Regalia

You’re doing the work that Revolut should be doing…

I don’t see them getting away with no phone support when they go for a banking licence


Thanks. We are a community and we should help each other out. :slight_smile:


Please check the first post in this thread. This is all the help we can provide in this forum.

I updated some of the information in the first post. That is all I could find so far right now.

the click counter for the complaint link is rather high compared to the others :laughing:


Changed topic title a little to make it easier to find. Too bad that you can not use tags or keywords here directly.

You need to have a rank of Member or above to do so.

Great thanks a lot all in one place,that’s how this should be in the first place

I’ve replied at least 19 times, is that still not enough to get ‘Member’ status?

Why not advise how long it will take to be able to post a new thread?

I have replied to a number of existing threads, had my account for a few weeks but still unable to open a new thread.

Can you clarify how long a user has to suffer before this unnecessarily and heavily guarded forum allows them to post a new thread? In comparison, in the Curve forum I was able to post new threads immediately!


That is all I know about that. :slightly_smiling_face:

That is all I know about that.

I’ve been registered for several months now. I’ve more than qualified for TL3-Member. Yet every post, including I presume this one, will sit around waiting for review, perhaps for several days, before it’s finally “approved” and posted. Sometimes after a week or more “awaiting approval” the post just gets deleted without explanation.

This protocol seems to me to be very unwelcoming.

What do those of us who joined this community as a result of Rev’s entry into new markets like CA and US have to do in order to be accepted as genuine participants?


Still didn’t explain when I’ll be released from the new user has and finally be able to post a new topic. Ridiculous.

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Hmm… new user here as well. Might have to play the long game here as well since the service has not yet fully launched where I live. I wonder when I will be able to post.


Has :r: finally launched in 日本?

Seems to be soft launch.
Was able to see a couple of Twitter users with new accounts.

There’s job posting for various managerial positions in the Japan HQ. No postings for community manager/ customer service yet, which is why I doubt there is no official launch yet.