My main bank account is blocking Revolut top ups

For the last month, every single :r: top up is not going through.
I realized my Main Street Bank was blocking transactions. I thought they were freezing the card used for top up. Truth is worse.
My card was still working, how surprising!
I just called support and got an unofficial confirmation by the agent : they’re massively blocking :r: top ups. However everytime I call support, they allow it for couple days.
Anything we can do to stop this? Anyone else experienced this?

Yes. I am using the same card via Apple Pay. That works.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Smart! Thanks a lot!


Well, still declined on my end.

Funny part is : it’s a gold card they charge as much as :r: Metal…
Just canceled subscription, feeling better already!

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Oh no, sorry to hear that. But it sounds like it wasn’t that hard for you to part.

Not a big deal, I just went for a cheap basic card instead.
I’ll rethink that later.
Honestly, as soon as :r: fixes the ongoing issues we’ve seen since its creation for good, I’ll consider it my main account. Soon hopefully.

Ask the bank to permanent allow revolut?

I did multiple times but they always go back to blocking it. They just try their worst to retain customers… They feel the threat and they don’t know how to deal with it!