Problem with my Revolut account app login

Maybe somebody can help to solve my problem with Revolut app login…
The story begins when my friends on Revolut app can not see that I have account. To get money from them it was possible only by request. Then Revolut to Revolut transfer was working.
I have contacted in app support and guy from support advice me to log out and log in.
Then it starts, after my log out, on login app made for me new account, my old accout and card was impossible to see and add to this new acount…
I have contacted in app support again. Lady from support say that happens, that in some way that on my phone number is registrated two accounts, and she will delete one and then I can relogin to my initial account.
After that when I am trying to login in to the app, app shows me comment: something goes wrong, try again later…
And now I can not do anything, I can not open my old account, I can not make new account on my old number and the worst that I even can not contact Revolut support, because they have only in app support and I can not log in to the app…
Maybe somebody from Revolut are reading this, I was really enjoying this service, can somebody help me to solve the problem??



man ta pati problema buvo, bet isprendziau , ka tik:)

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Hi there.

Please send me a direct message with both phone numbers you used so that I can help sort it out.



I’m having exactly same problem
The only difference is that I never been registered with revolut. After entering my phone number and creating a password it shows me “something went wrong” window. Please help!..

Hey Jessica,

I’m having the exact same issue and created the following topic.

Would you be able to help me? It is quite urgent.

I not entirely sure how to send direct messages here but can send any required info including (what I think is) my registered Revolut number and Revolut card details.

Thank you!

Kind regards,


I am having the same problem as well. Revolut is trying to create another account when I try logging in. Has anyone been able to get this issue resolved?

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I cant login to my app. I get a message telling me my phone number is banned can anyone help

Some problem with Revolut App and DnB Lithuania. On one phone top-up without problem, on other similar message.

Hey @zesetup. Could you send me a direct message with the phone number you’re using?

I’m having exactly same problem

We’re sorry, something has…

I am having trouble logging in to my app. I have received numerous emails telling me to update my ID docs etc but its been over a year now and I cannot log into my account. Please can someone assist me

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I am having a problem logging into my Revolut account. I have dowloaded the app on a new phone but I cannot login so I cannot access Help because I cannot get into the app.

I can get the authentication code and enter it but afterwards it asks me to enter all my details again only to say that my mobile number is already been used. If I select “Existing user” I am put in another loop sending me back to enter all my details only to say that my mobile number is already been used.

I am going around in circles.


I have the same issue…

It there anyone out there, especially someone from Revolut who can address this problem, please contact me/us as it is unresolvable without any avenue of contact from Revolut.
Awaiting an urgent reply.

I’ve got a simular problem, but get no message back. I typed in my PIN but the only thing that happens it needs a lot of time and then I am bck in the input screen. It is not possible to set a new PIN.