How can I make sure Revolut won't block my account?


The board is full of horror stories regarding accounts getting randomly blocked and useless customer service taking ages to sort it out. My account was blocked too, after a top up - not only was topping up with a card in my own name not enough, they wanted the picture of the card, the code of the transaction, and then the screenshot as well. It’s mind boggling how they think it’s okay to pull this off on top of having to wait for customer service to show up in the morning, and completely bricking the app so you can’t even see it’s in your name.

As I’m going travelling soon, is there any surefire list of things I can do right now to avoid getting stranded without access to my money?


Hi @erstaunen1,

make sure to verify your account. For security reasons accounts get blocked. This might happen if accounts are topped up from other countries than your country of residence ( even if the card is in your name ), in huge amounts a day after opening your account, etc.
A bit of logical thinking, don’t think everything will go as smooth when transferring 50k before receiving your card etc. ( some people did that and are complaining that their account is blocked.)

Just my point of view and there are users who did not such thing and still got blocked and others who did and did not have any troubles.

Best regards and safe travels !


Hmm, okay. So basically, no guarantees on anything, just fingers crossed and hope for the best, hope that CS is at work and they don’t take their sweet time to reply. I don’t see how this firm interprets “beyond banking”.


Well, most of the time, an automated security system blocks the account. There can’t be a guarantee that it won’t happen.

Fully verify your account and all the cards for top-ups. To verify top-up cards, you have to use them first successfully for top-ups a couple of times. Use your Revolut card a couple of times before your trip in situations where you don’t rely on it. Test all ways of topping up before going o a trip. Get familiar with the apps security options. Read the FAQs. (They also contain useful things about using the card and where it might behave differently to what you know from typical credit cards.)

(And then, as with all bank cards: never only rely on one bank card alone on a trip away from home. Things brake.)


If my regular bank blocks my card for “security” I can expect to have it undone within 5 minutes and with a single phone call or text. What is Revolut’s proposition? A robot that tells me to wait until the morning so I can be bounced around “departments”.

Overall quite a laundry list for a disruptive challenger that’s supposed to Just Work. I especially like the line reminding me to verify my card showing in fine grey print in an inconspicuous location (just discovered it in the app). You’d think if verifying was truly necessary it would be displayed as such rather than as some feeble suggestion.

I wonder how services such as Monzo or Starling manage to spare their customers the trouble. Must be something in their water I guess.


With your regular bank, onboarding is quite different and they probably don’t offer top-ups via card. The fast oboarding process comes with a price. If a card gets blocked because the system assumes fraud, you can unblock your card yourself in the app. The whole account is only blocked if something more sketchy triggers the system

Monzo et. al. want to replace current accounts. Revolut is a genuinely different product with way more things that one can do with money.

I suggest to take some time to understand how Revolut is different, what they offer, and to read the FAQ! And then get familiar with the app and the product. It’s not difficult, just use it for a while.


My account was blocked at a pharmacy in Brazil trying to buy some stuff for 3 euro. Due to time difference support was closed and I was left without a penny for many hours. If this would have happened during a weekend, it could take more than 48 hours to get some help. So always keep reliable bank card and cash.


Most of the times, accounts got blocked because either:

  • the user did not verify the account
  • an issue related to the location-based security
  • account got top-up with a card/account not under the user’s name

Beside that, I dont think anyone had issues with accounts being blocked.

On my end, I’ve been using Revolut since 2015 and never got my account blocked. Not once, although I constantly use the card in “exotic” countries :wink:
Only issue I had was a USD top-up transfer that bounced back and the personal IBAN (but that one was actually due to my bank).


Support is now open on weekends.


Just out of curiosity: was your account blocked or your card?


Non premium support is not 24/7 and then travelling in +6h GMT time zone and no internet access and unfamiliar (or even dangerous) area… you can imagine the scale of frustration if left without any penny. My account was blocked. It is really silly to “protect” funds in case of single 3 euro transaction and leave person stranded without any access to his money for days.