Inviting Friends Reward

Hello dear reader,

I have sent invitations for Revolut creation account and card; verification, card ordered and transactions have been performed but no reword received. Anyone can support?


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Hi @AndreiCB , and welcome to the Community :wave:

Happy to hear that you are inviting your friends to the :r: app :heart_eyes:

With that said, I will leave here the best FAQ to understand what is needed in order to get the rewards you all deserve :trophy:

Just click on the link below to find out what might be blocking you from getting the reward :thinking:

Why haven’t I received my Referral Campaign reward?

Hope this helps :heart:

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That’s why I don’t invite people to join :expressionless:
It’s pathetic to see, I need to “push” people to perform tasks list as they are in a kindergarten :sweat_smile:.
Also embarrassing :roll_eyes:

Just share your reward with them. That might be an incentive to “perform” the tasks. To me, it’s reasonable to have these hurdles. It makes it harder to abuse the rewards. And I agree, I am not interested in inviting other users that way as well. I just recommend the product when I think it fits someone’s expectations and use cases and ignore the reward altogether.


I agree with @Frank that personal recommendations from satisfied users speak volumes on their own merit without the need for a financial incentive.
The rewards feature is often time limited anyway :wink:

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