Simple credit to Revolut card


Cannot follow App instructions to add cash to card from bank account. under “request money” it insists on saying “invite friends to Revolut”. I JUST WANT TO ADD SOME CASH FOR A HOLIDAY!!!
Have spent 30 minutes on this. Time short and cash rich so have transferred my £5 blance back to my bank and will NOT USE THIS PRODUCT AGAIN.

Desperately poor!!!


Hello @Bodger :slight_smile:

I understand your frustration, but loading money is not “requesting money”. The Top-up button is located in the top part of the app, right next to the balance :wink:

If you can’t find it, just answer here and I’ll provide you with some screenshots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ok. We have:






Where is the OBVIOUS STUFF?


Hey there again @Bodger :slight_smile:

You’ll be able to find the OBVIOUS STUFF right where the obvious stuff arrow is pointing in this terrible screenshot.

If you still don’t find it obvious, I would suggest asking someone around for assistance :blush:

Also, the obvious stuff was…

It would have been nice if at least you hadn’t mentioned the only thing on the bottom part :confused:







where is the obvious stuff!!!

Still confused and getting irritated


Hey @Bodger :slight_smile:

You can get as irritated as you want, feel free :smile:

You’re currently in the More tab. Let’s do this failproof: :sunny:

  • Close the :r: app
  • Open it again
  • Login
  • Be sure you’re in the Account tab and that you can see your balance
  • Be sure you don’t scroll down the list. You have to be on the uppermost part of it.
  • Right under your balance, find the Top-up button.

If it’s not there’s follow these alternate steps that will surely work:

  • Get irritated
  • Write how irritated you are once again


Thank you for your help. Will try tomorrow as I’m overdue sleep.

Please please don’t get irritated with me. I’m only a customer and need
help. Will be reporting to Seedrs (ask your bosses who they are) and
letting them have my objective feedback.

Sleep well. I will .

Joseph Bodger


Hello again @Bodger :slight_smile:

Wow, no need to. We’re here to help, most of us :slight_smile:

Please don’t get irritated with me. I’m only a customer offering help :neutral_face:

My bosses don’t exist yet (they’re not my bosses yet) as I’m not a :r: employee or related to Revolut in any way more than you are. :wink:

Therefore, I have the complete freedom to tell you that being rude will take you nowhere here, that Seedrs is an independent company that does not care about your, my or anybody else’s opinion about Revolut and that threatening people after being unable to find a button is somehow childish and, once again, rude :neutral_face:

By the way, if you finally get in touch with Seedrs, it would be wise to ask them where the Top-up button is. They might know the secret. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: I can understand you’re frustrated, confused and somehow irritated. This happens, we all do, but please, try to be nice and read the info carefully. Both things will make the experience better for everyone :slight_smile:


Reopening App did the trick thank you.Your guidance was correct but the
system is flawed. Apart from that guidance I would be cutting up my card

Revolut (and perhaps Seedrs who fronted an investment raising for
Revolut recently and therefore need to understand users frustrations)
need to know that a hugely basic function was not available to a
customer who was LOCKED into a part of the App which would not revert to
the main page. I will ensure that they both hear about it. There are
several competitors out there in a huge market and I do want Revolut to

Did not mean to come across as being rude. My “irritation” was not
groundless and I will use it constructively and let the company know
that they need better guidance on their website…and perhaps another
addition to the FAQ pages.

Frustration? Yes! I am about to use the card abroad for the first time
and recommended it to two others who are coming on an overseas trip with
me shortly; I did not want them to have a similar experience.

Thank you



Hey there @Bodger :slight_smile:

I’m glad you found the button :wink:
In the unlikely case you run into any further problems, please write again in the community and we’ll all do our best to help you.

I will ask my bosses for a raise then. A 50% salary raise is the minimum :wink:


Thank you Julio.

Apart from that guidance I would be cutting up my card today= exactly
the stuff that you need to pass on. (After my late night last night I
have spoken to 3 people today who have opened accounts in the past 2
weeks and all of them have had trouble understanding from the website
exactly how it all works. Quote from one “If you hadn’t recommended
Revolut I would not have bothered having tried to make sense of the
website”. Just thought you should know. (It all started when a City
friend recommended Revolut to me.)

Have a good night.



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