Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

I already did it several times and every time I add my revolut VISA successfully, but in stores I get same error “Invalid Card Number”

Is it working GooglePay with croatian revolut Mastercard? (i’m talking about new Mastercard with croatian BIN, not the old one with UK BIN), On GooglePay website i just see PBZ cards that are supported, there is no Revolut…

Try adding your card and then you can tell us :slight_smile:

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I suppose no, it’s not in the list of countries

but give it a try it’s free!! :rofl:

That list is definitely out of date. Switzerland was officially launched as GPay partner a month ago together with the general launch of GPay in Switzerland.

Sure!! But it’s still not clear who can use cards in google pay. It’s still in beta. Google Pay supported countries page is always updated! They added visa cards in the list.

Revolut didn’t even post an announcement about this on twitter…

Usually it does but I have met exactly one merchant in the Czech Republic where it wasn’t that case.
I tried Google Pay and Apple Pay but none of these worked. Until recently. They have updated their firmware in payment terminal. It started working.

This was the error:


I just added my fisical Revolut Visa Card in Google Pay :smiley:
I’m from Spain

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I’ll add my 2 cents to the discussion. I’m from Bulgaria and on Sunday I successfully added my Revolut Visa to Google pay (all my of my Revolut using colleagues did the same successfully). I’ve tried paying with it 4 times and have a 50% success rate. It seems some POS terminals have outdated firmware, which is odd, because as far as I know, Gpay isn’t doing anything special and other NFC payment apps have worked flawlessly here. Whenever it works, the experience is flawless. Whenever it fails, it’s always the same error - Invalid number. This is all really odd. I hope someone from Revolut can chime in and clear up the issue.

Yes POS outdated firmware is a possible issue since GPay using special tokenization I think. Also check if the error ones are the Borica POS, which had issues also with Apple Pay but now the issue was fixed (at least with Apple Pay)

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In Athens, Greece Ingenico POS on public transport ticket machines decline revolut GPaypin-pad-card-reader-and-contactless2

Where did you have success? For now I tested in Kaufland, Lidl, KFC and pharmacy Ceiba and in all places the same error “Invalid Card Number”.

It is probably either old firmware; but, in my experience, Revolut is not so good friends with public transportation.

It could be something with the Prepaid card type that public agencies do not like, because they cannot verify funds or card holder identity or something — and therefore something to do with money laundering.

Or, it could be something to do with the different PCI standards that pertain to unmanned POS terminals, which these ticketing machines are.

Or, it could be that the virtual “account number” used by GPay has an unacceptable BIN, compared to the physical Revolut card… Or just a problem from Revolut’s side.


Also there is a local thing like Borica - company that operates majority of bulgarian POS, which operates on the method on whitelisting and plenty of fintech BINs are rejected, and Gpay (probably as Apple pay) Bins are different virtual ones from the physical, so this brings another layer of obstacle at a local level.


The transaction is blocked at Google Pay level, not Revolut level.
Revolut never learns that there was a failed transaction and that is confirmed.
The only one who knows what’s happening is Google and when I asked them for the reason, they told me that it’s only the POS’s fault. Nothing to do with smartphone - Revolut.

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I successfully payed with my phone in a small neighborhood vape shop and also in a restaurant in the center of Sofia, called Crazy Diamond. I was unsuccessful in a small supermarket (not part of a big brand) and in another restaurant.


I emailed Borica about the issue, their statement was that Borica does not block payments, that they have no relation to the problem and that I should contact GPay or Revolut.

Today Apple Pay was launched, I had no problem with MC but with Visa I have an error on some POS similar to your GPay so probably it is VISA related and hopefully, they will fix this.


I just add virtual MC and tomorrow will try with it. Hope it will work on GPay too

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Even with virtual MC I have the same problem “Invalid Card Number”. So here in Bulgaria we have to wait for GPay to work everywhere