Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

Added Revolut Visa card to Google pay successfully in Finland :smiley:

Apparently they disabled support. I used GPay until today(virtual Visa), when it stopped working. It was good while it lasted.

In which country is that?

What did happen that makes you think they removed the support for you and what is the country you registered as your residency?

There are quite some terminals out in the wild which have trouble with GPay with messages like card blocked and the like. But this has nothing to do with the card but with the terminal. Seen multiple times. Next time I use GPay again it works without issue.

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How do you know that? Is the card deleted from the Google Pay app? Did you got any message saying it got disabled? Did a transaction got declined?

In Romania. Today it refused my payment and when I try to re-enroll the card it gives me THE error.

I can confirm this in Portugal as well. Tried to remove the Google Pay card and add it again and won’t be accepted for contactless payments.

I guess the geoblocking mafia won once again.

Or maybe the people who want to get around public launch dates lost?

Public launch dates which don’t make much sense anyway. There’s literally (from my understanding) anything else related to enabling Google Pay for everyone who has a supported card, other than a button on their backoffice.

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In Rev rally they said expected launch date was late May?
But now its seems to shifted to Soon™

This depends on the country. In Switzerland there was an official launch of GPay with Revolut as one of the participating partners beginning of May.

Great… now I will be anxious on the next payment. I really hope it still works for me because it’s all I used for the last 3 months. If it’s not, DiPocket it is.

If there is no official GPay in Romania this is quite normal then…:r: also removed all cards from Apple Pay users in unsupported countries.

Hold up, I managed to add my old Mastercard to Google Pay. Not sure it will work.

Its strange that croatian Revolut cards is not working with GooglePay even Croatia is on the GooglePay supported countries list and its working with local bank cards… what is a problem for Revolut to get support for GooglePay in Croatia?

According to the Google help page, Croatia is a supported country:

But if you click on Croatia, it only shows PBZ as supported bank with one of their debit card products. Revolut is not listed on that page. Did PBZ only recently launch support in Croatia with some big campaign?

It was launched last year (August 2018) but i cant remember any big campaign at all, just some news in a local media. PBZ is not a small bank, they had many big campaigns before for paying with mobile phone using their own apps with American Express cards, but not for Google Pay. :thinking:

Did it work for payment? I didn’t had the chance to test if mine still works so it would be helpful from you to answer.

I didn’t try it, as I’m currently not using Revolut for my daily expenses.

Just confirmed, Google Pay is working.

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