Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


I might have missed the announcement or posts here but surprised to find that I could add my virtual MasterCard to Google Pay today. It was all so easy and it works. Brilliant :+1: :r: :smiley:

I am in UK :uk: BTW.



Yep, it started working Wednesday.
Works perfectly for me in Ireland :ireland:


I wonder why there was no announcement on the blog nor here. @AndreasK Any hint? ;o))

edit: Doesn’t work for me (Visa).

edit 2: I missed it.


Still waiting for Visa cards to work


How does this google pay supposed to work with revolut ? - will it be possible to use revolut app or you need to use google pay app? I’m asking becouse play store shows that my phone is not compatible with google pay app (it does have NFC).


Weird, I’m in France and adding it worked perfectly (Revolut MC).


It goes through Google Pay.
I had the same issue, my phone supposedly being not compatible. I got the apk from and it works perfectly. My best guess for now is that my country (france) is not officially supported, so I’m not allowed to download the app for now.

I’m also guessing that’s why Revolut didn’t officially announce it: they’re in Beta for now, but once they + Google are ready, they will launch it.


Can you please check (write in forum) what is exact version number for google pay app you are using from apkmirror?


I downloaded version 2.70.204965962 (from July 20, 2018)

Then you should select the right apk for your phone, I took the 640dpi apk.


Only users that have been selected for our beta release can use Google Pay. If you haven’t been selected don’t worry, Google Pay will be available for you very soon! If you’ve been selected but you still can’t add your card, please contact us through the in-app chat.


when VISA support for instore payment?


Is it possible to exchange Google Pay + Apple Pay beta for a Metal card beta ? :slight_smile:


hahaha really? I thought Apple Pay and GP was the most wanted feature. Don’t do this to me!


Not for me ( I am old school :slight_smile: ) but it’s still good news for :r: and your customers !


I had no idea I’ve been selected :sweat_smile: Didn’t get any email or anything, I just tried and it worked :smile:


Of course you have been selected, how I couldn’t do that for you.


:smile: :blush: :pray: :r: :star_struck:


But don’t walk around now and call yourself “The Chosen One” :wink:


Google Pay is working for me too now. If I also get Apple Pay I am one happy camper.
But nothing in the iOS beta so far


Too late. I’m already flying around with my trench coat and my sunglasses, waving my Revolut card to people :sunglasses: