Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

You can pay with your phone as contactless with NFC in Android phones. You do not have to carry your card with you. :wink:

I appear to have successfully added Revolut Visa (UK). I haven’t tried to use it yet.

It appears that a ‘virtual’ account number will be used by GPay.

This is the same as what happens when I add funds to Revolut using GPay.

If this works it’s a big step forward for Revolut. :grin:

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google help page says now all revolut cards supports google pay. :+1:

I wonder will it work in Latvia if country is still not shown in supported countries list here -

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In Bulgaria it doesn’t work… It says unknown card number when I try to buy something. With physical revolut card I don’t have problem, there is something with the virtual account number, may be it is not supported here

Google pay is not supported in Bulgaria yet. If you had a card with a supported country number you could use it. But what’s that “unknown card number” message?? I suppose you mean buying something online

No online, when I try to use wireless payment with my phone in the store the pos terminal gives error message. I suppose not only google have to support the card, but the stores in the country also have to support google payments

So the card you have in GPay is virtual? It’s true that some POS decline virtual card transactions through GPay

I add my physical revolut card in Google Pay but I guess this kind of system is not supported in POS terminals here yet.

In Greece works fine with virtual. It was only declined at a ticket machine pos !

My second transaction. Works perfectly!

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Is your card with UK or Greece BIN

UK. The card was issued in August 18

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In theory, GPay emulates a card with the phone or watch and it should work as long as the merchant accepts that kind of card in general. GPay and Apple Pay work in counties where it is not yet released if a visitor has it installed because his home country introduced it already.

I could imagine that the pin pad can not handle the token method that is used. But that would also mean, that Apple Pay does not work as well in that shop. Traditional NFC cards don’t use the token method yet, usually.

Apple pay and Google pay work anywhere you see the contactless symbol. if the cardholder has a card issued in a country that supports them. For example someone living in Greece has a UK revolut card using it like anywhere else.

I guess there is problem somewhere but I don’t know is it in me or in merchant. I’m with UK revolut card added successfully in GPay for in-store payments, but still get errors in 3 different supermarkets. If there is someone in Bulgaria lets tell if can make payments

3 different supermarkets . Very strange … so old terminals ??

In Switzerland I have stumbled upon one shop where GPay does not work. The error is, card locked. MasterCard works if presented as a real card. I’ll try a different card with GPay there next time, I added my physical Maestro from Revolut to GPay to try it again.

I don’t think thay are old - Kaufland and Lidl have one of the newest wireless terminals here . I have no problem with other phone wallet like iCard.
But with GPay the error in my case was “unknown card number”

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Give DiPocket or Boon a try with Google Pay and tell us if it got accepted in those supermarkets.
I faced something similar in a shop, but it seemed isolated to the merchant. The POS said “Error”. At first it tried to process the payment, but then a second beep came along. Also the notification about the failure is only in Google Pay, revolut never knew there was a failed payment attempt. I asked them in the chat.
It remains a mystery why some (very very few) POS don’t accept Google Pay. Here and there we all had a weird situation.

Try to re-install revolut card into the google pay application.