Forget my passcode

@AndreasK same issue. Could you please help me by private chat or anything else ?

Same problem.
I change my phone and I forget my passcode and PIN, I try to reset passcode function doesn’t work either. As suggested above I have deleted the application and reinstalled it again, but problem was not resolved.
Also selfie with ID doesn’t work.
thank you

Hi, I have the same issue. I forget my 4digit passcode and I have an empty “all chat” page. How can I reset my passcode ?

I have re-istalled the app twice, then finally got to the state when I was asked for a 6 digit code and a selfie with an ID card. It took me half an hour of fiddling with my phone to get the selfie area “green/active” to be able to take the shoot. After that, the Chat appeared and I got helped within 10 minutes and was able to renew my passcode via email. The conversation in chat however disappeared and another one from my previous attempts (which I was unable to see) is there now. Weird, but I’m happy it works now.

Hi, i have a problem with log in to the app.
I change phone number and I don’t remember passcode.
How I can login?

If it does not work, leave a note there! :slight_smile: And try to contact them via Facebook/Twitter!