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:wave: Warm greetings to everyone on the community :wave:

Are you experiencing some technical issue which are affecting your experience with Revolut?

:woman_superhero: We would love to make sure that you get the needed support :man_superhero:

For this to work, it would be best that all the steps are carried out as this is the process when you run into any technical issues.

  • Check your internet connection and make sure that it is strong
    If you are able to connect to a wifi network, make sure to do this.
  • Open your mobile device settings and make sure that your device is running on the most up to date operating system.
  • Open the app store and check if there is an update for your application. ( If the app store shows that your device is not accepted or you are not able to find the app on the app store, this is not a bug or technical issue, this is due to the the given application store setting requirements to run the application. It would be best to get in touch with their support team to identify such)

:bangbang:If you are able to log into your app, please make use of the in-app chat for support.:bangbang: You will be directed here if you are able to log in, as the support team via the in-app chat is our core support channel. Make sure to send the message “live agent” to get through to a live support agent. If you have been directed to another team, be sure to wait for contact from them.

If everything is up to date :white_check_mark: you are running full signal :signal_strength: and your issue still persists :slightly_frowning_face: try the following steps:

  • Try deleting the app :next_track_button: turn your device off and then back on :next_track_button: re-install the app

If the above does not work and you are stuck with the error, you can then proceed to reaching out to the Social media team who have got limited support and can help you look into the issue:

  • Drop a direct message via our Facebook page: be sure to add a full description of what you are experiencing and what you have already tried to do to fix the issue. If you get any error messages, be sure to send a screenshot of what you see.
  • Mention @revolutapp in a menion on Twitter. Try and highlight your issue as precisely as possible.

:warning:Please be sure to only answer the security questions asked to you on the social media platforms. It is not necessary to provide information that is not requested and to protect your identity and security do not post any images of yourself, Identity documents or of your Revolut card (if asked a masked pan will only be requested, never the full digits of the card) :warning:

If you are not the social media person, we have got you covered :ok_hand: Reach out to the support team via email on

This should cover it all

Revolut Team


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After doing this, the most annoying part is that all of your settings are lost and you need to start all over again. This procedure never, ever fixed anything for me. So, pretty please try to hire better developers or test engineers and not leave trivial bugs out there.

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This topic should always be on top

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