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As promised, in the following article, we will explain all the required documents you will need to provide once you finish the first sign-up stage stated here.

After filling in the first required information, you will get to our Revolut Business platform home page, where you might be required to upload different documents depending on the section.

Let’s check out those documents below :point_down:

1- Personal Identity
:identification_card: It’s easy! Just provide your personal details and upload your selfie and ID. If you are not one of the company directors, you might also be required to upload a power of attorney.

2- Nature of Business
:globe_with_meridians:/:receipt: Here we will ask you about the nature of your business. This can be verified if you provide an operational website or an invoice or a contract with a customer or a supplier showing the services you offer. You can check our supported types of business list here.

3- Business Details
:scroll: If you upload your companys’ proof of incorporation or the registry extract, this section will be completed.
:office:In case your operating address is different from the one stated in your registration documents, we will require a utility bill or a rental agreement showing your operating address.

4- Directors and Shareholders
:briefcase::office_worker:You will be required to fill out the company directors’ and shareholders’ structure up to the ultimate beneficial owner. Make sure to state in the schematic, if there are any companies in the shareholder structure.
In some cases, we may need a notarized document showing the full shareholder structure, showing all percentages of ownership.

5- Plan and card
:credit_card: Yayyy! You have already reached the last step where you will choose your desired plan and address where you would like to receive your first card.

If you experience any issue or any questions arise, you already know where to comment, right? :thinking: We are waiting. :arrow_double_down:

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I’m writing here because my wife is facing an issue with the application process.
We provided all the documents in original and digitally signed by the Swedish Registration Office, but the Revoult backend team keeps refusing the documents with the explanation that they are not legalized.
After we understood that they don’t want to recognize a third party digital certificate (Swedish Registration Office), we did ask an Accountancy company to acknowledge the documents by signing and stamping them as being genuine of course after verifying them.
We did this because regarding to Revolut terms and conditions which says that the documents can be certified also by a certified accountant not only by a notary or a lawyer, see picture and link bellow.

Unfortunately the back and team refused this documents again, with the explanation that for Swedish documents they only accept Notary legalized documents, which actually violates your own terms and conditions and heads to discrimination to the Swedish customers. I tried many times to explain to the Revolut backend team that a Notary in Sweden is expensive and rare to find and we have to drive a lot to get to one, but they still forcing my wife to get the documents legalized by a notary. My question is should’t be the application/starting process an easy one and make customer happy about the experience with the Revolut app? Shouldn’t this process put aside stress, time consuming, and high costs?
With all respect

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Hello Walle,

Welcome to our community. I’m sorry to hear that your experience with our application process has not met your expectations. For our support team to locate your account and review which might be the issue, please send us a private message to our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

Thank you for raising your feedback.

Pere | Community Team

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