Want To Create A Business Account For A Company? 💼

Are you trying to create a business account but don’t know how? :thinking: Don’t worry, I’m here for your rescue.

:arrow_forward:You can create a Revolut Business account for a company, as a freelancer or as an employee, in this article we will be explaining in simple steps on how to create it for a company. :grinning:

:arrow_right: Where can I get it? :thinking:

You can create a Revolut Business account through our website, straight away from here :computer:, or using our Android or iOS app :calling:, selecting the “Sign up” option in the first page.

:exclamation:Be aware that the background of our Revolut Business app icon is black. :wink:

:arrow_right: Which fields will be required? :face_with_monocle:

1- :briefcase: Just select “Create a corporate account” and choose your business incorporation country in the following step. :earth_africa:

2- :e-mail: Enter your email address (it can be the same as your personal Revolut account) → :speech_balloon:Enter the verification code received in your email and enter your phone number, where you will also receive a verification code.

3- :key: Create a password (in contrast to our personal accounts, access to our Revolut Business accounts requires an alphanumeric password).

4- :mag: If you have a personal account, hurray our system will locate you to reduce your workload. :star_struck: You will only have to select your name. If you don’t have a personal Revolut account, or you want to skip this step, you can tap on “It’s not me”.

5- :bust_in_silhouette: If in the previous step you selected “It’s not me”, or you do not have a personal Revolut account, in the following steps you will need to enter your full name and your personal address.:house_with_garden:

6- :office: In the following steps, we will require more information from your company. The legal name, registration number, your business tax address… and we are almost ready! :checkered_flag:

7- :white_check_mark: At last, we will provide you with our T&C and will ask you which functions you will use the most :star:, and your position in the company.

Bored with so many steps ? Guess what, you are already on the homepage.:round_pushpin:

Hey, do you have any questions here? :thinking: Let us know in the comment section below. :arrow_double_down:

:next_track_button: In the next post, we will let you know which documents you can provide in each section of the homepage. :paperclip::blush:



Thanks for the post. Unfortunately this process doesn’t work for us because our company is registered in the US but the headquarters are in Europe. When we select the US as the country of registration we are not allowed to input a foreign address at a later step. The online form restricts the country to the US. Can you help us please?



Hello @iflame ,

If you would like to open a Revolut Business account for a US company, you will need to provide a registration address and operating address in the US. More information about the required physical presence can be found here: What does physical presence mean? | Revolut US

Please let us know if something is not clear :blush:

Pere | Community Business Team


Hello everyone :wave:,

As promised we have already posted our next topic regarding the documents. Check it out here. :rewind:

SG | Community Team

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can i create a business account for a company based in Delaware?

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Hello @DimitrisTselios ,

I can confirm that you can create a Revolut Business account in Delaware. You can start your sign up from here (Sign up for Revolut Business) :rocket:

Please let us know if you have any further questions :arrow_heading_down:

Pere | Community Business Team