We want your view on our card designs

I just want to highlight the need for some kind of minimalist/stealth design for the high-end cards. Anything that is not regulatory mandated should be removed or minimized I really hate the new “Revolut” logo on the cards. I was hoping we can get a “R” logo but like 5x smaller or no logo at all, or may be just a subtle almost invisible low contrast logo in the texture or the background.


how about a clever way to write the relevant details (for online shopping) on the upper edge of the cards? mostly so I don’t have to pull the card out of the wallet every time to copy the number and expiration date?

The second suggestion is great! Honestly I see increasing number of people looking at the back of the card prior payment, and that having the CVV/CVC code there raises my suspicion!

There is an option to disable the mag stripe to help prevent cloning.

The magstripe will be removed as a matter of course in 2024 in Europe as they are being phased out by Mastercard.

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Card designs are nice I think problem is quality to me :
For metal cards :

  • Paint is going of easily
    For premium cards :
  • Layer is going off plus for visa the “visa sticker” with infinite under look really cheap imo
  • Standard card look better quality that the premium

When will the silver metal card back? Waiting for it since forever!

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:r: logo insteat of Revolut


Re junior cards. Sorry but my son is not impressed with the one design - too girly.
Would be good to have a more boyish card (and one for girls of course) - not many 12yr old boys want almost pinkish/purply bubbly effects on their card.
He’ll be embarrassed to show it to his mates!
Black/silver/dark blue, grey colours for sure for the boys

Rather than worrying about the design, I would suggest working a bit on the quality. My very first (prepaid) Visa card was decent like any other card from competitors. When I got my first debit MasterCard from Revolut, I was quite disappointed. It is considerably thinner than any other card I ever had, it bends easily and it really looks like an inkjet print job. The card only expires in 2026, but the ink/colour is already coming off in many places. I keep the card together with all my other cards in the same wallet, the problem that colour is coming off is exclusive to the Revolut card. Especially since Revolut charges for cards, that’s rather disappointing. Anyway, I saw the shiny chromatic card in the app and ordered that for £12.99 as a replacement.
This card is better and thicker than the previous one, but still a little thinner than my Barclays, HSBC or even Revolut Business debit cards. The front looks very neat, with the exception of the MasterCard logo, which looks again like an inkjet job in draft mode (or they used a low quality pixelated image). First I thought maybe they use the same card for Visa and MasterCard and print the logo as needed, but then I saw the two-circle hologramme on the back. This is obviously only used for MasterCard, therefore I don’t understand why the image quality isn’t better. The text on the back looks fine, although if you look very closely it’s a bit grainy and slightly embossed like latex(?) ink. Not sure this will really last to the expiry date, but let’s hope for the best.

Overall I think quality needs to be addressed if you want to keep charging for cards.

Independently of the design, six digit pins would be an awesome feature.


You may solve your situation buying stickers like CucuCovers
They don’t cost a lot and your son may create his own epic design :sunglasses:

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+1. The “Plus” card was such a disappointment when I received it.

I agree, it seems like they put everything in design but nothing on quality. My metal card had paint going off (I removed everything because it was looking really horrible)

premium card (grey plastic) get a cheap “visa” sticker and a white cheap “infinite under it” plus layer is peeling of. Standard card looks better quality but it’s not the same texture and it get damages from rubbing as if there was dirt or glue on it.

Probably the main reason I will never order a special edition card…


For me clean gold. the simple the better. For metal card i would suggested :relaxed:

  • Engraved name
  • Small logo
  • No information only in-app

Thank you😊


I really like the idea of vertical layout on the cards!

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Yes, Please just use the “R” instead of the full “Revolut”.

At least for metal card users:
I know the product team want awareness, but we don’t want that huge text on the top , especially for the premium we are paying.


oh boy - I have a metal card and premium card in transit just about to be delivered.
I hope they have improved the quality otherwise I’ll be downgrading.
yes a shame they have put the name on the front. Much prefer a clean design like curve with everything on the back

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For metal cards it seems to be a problem for all cards, my cuve cards got paint going off quite quickly (I had key in the same pocket though) . Only way to avoid that is probably to be very careful with it.

For the premium card it’s strange the standard card look better quality

Just received a premium space grey card. Far thinner than the free blue cards I have. Not impressed with the quality. Not premium.

I like my new gold metal card though.

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I fully agree I do not get why they say it’s premium while it looks cheap and less durable than standard card

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