We want your view on our card designs

Are you happy with the way your Revolut card looks? :heart_eyes:

Give us your say in what you would change or keep with regards to the design of the card. If you do not have anything to add, maybe add a function that you would like to have when it comes to the design of the card :credit_card:

We look forward to seeing what you come up with :rocket:


I feel that we have answered this before, and there should be a bunch of feedback lying around the forum.

For me personally, I do not use my physical cards anymore due to Google Pay. Although I like the Premium card designs, and although Metal cards are awesome, physical cards are becoming increasingly irrelevant for my daily spending.

I need my physical card when traveling. In general, but especially when spending abroad, I would prefer a card with the following features.


  • Only my name - engraved on the card’s front side.
  • No other payment details (no PAN, no CVV/CVC code).
  • No magnetic strip og magnetic strip disabled per default in the app.
  • A 6-digit PIN?
  • Even one-time PINs or some other solution, such as fingerprint.


  • Names are currently impossible to see on Premium cards. Make the engraving more visible.
  • Vertical card design
  • My signature engraved physically into the card, e.g. on the front of the card. I do loathe that all my cards get smudged with blue ink from the pen used to sign the card.

Is this a (bad) joke? Two postings about card design and otherwise just silence!? Can you please address app design, support, plans, etc.


In a comment above, @HenRex mentioned the concept of a vertical card, and I share his interest in this.

In the design below, there is a premium/metal card which only shows the cardholder’s name, and a standard card which shows all of the relevant information.

This seems to make sense, because for the times when physical cards have to be used at an ATM or a POS terminal, they are generally used in a vertical orientation (with the exception of when the magnetic strip is used instead of the chip).

I’m interested to know what people out there think about this. Putting designs aside for a moment, which card orientation would you prefer?

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • No preference

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Here’s a question: how logical ist this argument really? For branding, maybe. But during chip and PIN transactions, the written informations on the card are irrelevant. So what’s the best orientation for the use case when you actually have to read the card number? When typing it in an online form maybe? I would assume usability tests wouldn’t show any benefits for portrait and maybe a slight advantage for landscape, mainly because that’s what most users are used to. So is it worth it to have like 90% of all text on the card in portrait mode when those 90% aren’t related to chip and PIN transactions?

I am not arguing against portrait designs. I like them aesthetically. But I believe they are powerful because they are a relative novelty. And benefits for brand recognition might come from that fact, and not because they’re naturally used in this orientation for chip and PIN transactions.

The argument about the orientation came up when contactless wasn’t really a thing. The first portrait design in Europe I am aware of was Hellobank in Belgium, around 2013. Today, the majority of transactions are contactless in many European countries with high volumes of card transactions, and ironically, with mobile payment and contactless, the landscape orientation is the more obvious design when applying the same logic. Yes, you’re occasionally still using chip and PIN, but wouldn’t it be more obvious, if the most prevalent use cases would define the design?

Having said all this, I find portrait designs more exciting. But again not because they make more sense, but because they feel still a little new and “special”.


I certainly can’t disagree with your comments, @Frank! No problem exists which a portrait/vertical card would solve, and on the other hand, adopting this orientation would not create any new problem.

The orientation of the card would therefore only be a matter of personal preference, rather than practicality or usability.

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My only input is that my wallet has a vertical design and thus a vertical card design befits me better.

I need the brand logo to be in the upper part of the card to be able to distinguish Visa/Mastercard when inserted into my wallet, and I know that Apple Pay users need the brand logo to be in the upper part as well due to the way Apple Pay shows cards in the overview section.

And no, I don’t think of security as a “feature”. There should be no discrimination between standard and Premium users in how card details are shown. In the end, card fraud from card skimming is a Revolut issue, not the customer’s issue.

I like the standard card designs of Monese, Starling, Petal, and Lunar Bank in Denmark. A common trait of these — they are very colorful.


Yes. The question is, why should a brand design a card either way? The argument you seemed to have brought up was that they could maybe boost their brand recognition. When the card would be used in portrait orientation, it would look its best. The design would work best when looking at it every day when using it. But now that chip and PIN isn’t the most common way of interacting with the card anymore, should a brand still design a product under this assumption?

I would say maybe, because portrait still seems to be exciting. On the other hand, landscape is how cards are presented on smartphones and watches and how most people carry them in wallets and use them for contactless. So from the perspective of brand strategy, maybe that’s how the card should look its best?

Interestingly, one of the best card designs before fintechs were a thing - first direct - kind of works both ways. I guess that’s something I would pursue. Another exciting example is from the Australian fintech Up Bank. It’s a portrait card. And it really doubles down on how to use the card with the chip.

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In my opinion it will be better without the name of the owner on it.
Best regards


I’m in for vertical design.

Also please please use the new logo on cards :smiley: The original :r: logo looks a bit like toy company haha.

Looking forward for new metal cards :slight_smile:


Just some suggestions:

  • Custom cards with a custom image, for example, a card with a picture of a loved one.
  • Wearables such as contactless keyrings or watch strap
  • Better quality plastic cards
  • Support a wider range of card types, maybe Amex, JCB or union pay for those who travel to certain selective countries
  • Support contactless direct from the app, support phones such as Huawei, custom image or those who remove google services for privacy concerns.
  • Support multiple accounts of the same currency, and allow to link cards to those accounts.

I have seen a lot of great additions above!

What I personally would like to see is a full ‘card builder’ for customers (maybe because of the implementation restrict some features for free users).

In the card builder, you should have the freedom to:

  • Choose a color
  • Add an image/print of your own
  • Horizontal or Vertical design
  • Embossed of not (for some users at car rentals this is handy)
  • Which details should be written on the card
    (card number, name, CVC code etc)
  • Issue Debit Credit cards (like Bunq) to use your card as a full credit card (as long as you have enough money for the deposit)
  • For the countries that get Maestro the option to combine Visa with VPAY (to save space)

What also would be awesome is to team up with Apple and issue Debit Apple Cards with the benefits on purchases in the Apple Store but that’s a discussion for another topic :wink:


Apple debit card would be an excellent idea!!

  1. I wouldn’t want my name on the main side of the card.
  2. I wouldn’t put any card information at all on it. These should be in the app.
  3. Please don’t always think of card useability only in Europe. Revolut was funded for people who travel a lot. I do. Especially in Africa and Middle East. Not every place allows contactless payments. So having a physical card is important.

I think the cards look fake, I only have the standard one and it looks boring, it would be good to have maybe the flag if your country on it or at least a decent choice of designs, I would love the metal one but 12.99 per month when I dont need the “additional extra” is too much. I live in Turkey :tr: every looks at me when I use it its like a card from a monoploy game :joy:


When I saw the flag cards I thought it was a Brexit joke… never thought Revolut would agree to countries flags on anything… Revolut suppose to be global company and issue local cards … doesn’t match at all of what Revolut represent.

Why someone needs to have the flag of a country in a card?? Seriously…

Personally I think cards are a waste of money for Revolut… I would prefer Revolut to put the money to invent something new that no-one else has rather to change colours and material on cards…


Honestly the card designs are really nice and they stand out but they don’t feel as quality as they should and they also feel a little bit cheap because of the light plastic material.The name on the card should be engraved in my opinion. Quality custom designs on cards would very much be appreciated and maybe experiment with the vertical cards :slight_smile:


Im currently not a metal user but would like to get a metal card soon because it looks awesome from what ive seen from others and on the internet. Did they change the design? Its a little bit different now and i dont like it.

Unfortunately In the app when i can choose the card design for the metal subscription it only shows me cards with a big „Revolut“ on the top left of the card instead of just having the „R“ logo on the top right. Only the white/silver version has the „R“ Logo but i need that with the black one.

I dont like it when the full name is on the front of the card. I prefer a more stealthy and simplistic design with only „R“ logo. If this is available again i will order one immediately. Would be awesome if we can choose between „Revolut“ or „R“-Logo. Thanks in advance.

Best regards


Exactly! And they won’t even let us chose the European flag!
The problem is sensitive British people we don’t love this country anymore since the stupid Brexit happened!
Let the people in UK at least chose the European Union Flag card, or any other country flag in Europe that we like. But we only can pick the the Union Jack, which unfortunately is not a sign to carry with proud anymore these days, but one of shame and embarrassment :frowning:


Here’s a quick suggestion from me.

Notes: The background gradient to be different for each plan; The only information on the card to be the cardholder’s name; Completely eradicate the “R” rounded logo and replace it with the letter one - It looks cleaner and more serious.