Unique EUR IBAN and BIC/SWIFT Numbers.

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It’s sad that you do not contribute anything constructive! It is selfish to judge Revolut by your own experience, ignoring the experiences of dozens of others.
Many people have the same problems. Revolut is required here! Demand and reality are far apart.
Try to transfer in a currency other than Euro! Then you will see that Revolut is not working. The recipient bank can not do anything with the sender data. The payment will be rejected and returned after 21 days at the latest.

Hello, it’s a little off topic but I couldn’t find an info elsewhere. If I will have a Revolut account with PLN as the currency and I want to receive transfer from one of the Polish banks what would be the account that they send it to? Is it another bank in Poland? Is Revolut using local banks in Poland to setup their PLN accounts? Thanks, Przemek

Cześć Przemek
If you have registered your account with a polish post address, in the app you can find local IBAN (dashboard->details->local). It is a bank account in a Polish bank (Danske if I remember correctly). On this account, you can receive any transfer in PLN from polish banks.

If you need a personal account you can use Transferwise which offers a local PL account (at PKO) and then you can top up Revolut with the Transferwise card.

Has anyone had the issue that French companies (i.e. Le Monde) day the € IBAN is too short? They’re expecting 3-4 more digits, which would make it French length.

Anyone know what I can do about this? Save for using my HSBC FR Account? I’m really trying to just use Revolut though.

I remember at one time N26 IBANs had XXX at the end, or maybe that was Fortuneo. . . Maybe this was for this reason?