Unique EUR IBAN and BIC/SWIFT Numbers.

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It’s sad that you do not contribute anything constructive! It is selfish to judge Revolut by your own experience, ignoring the experiences of dozens of others.
Many people have the same problems. Revolut is required here! Demand and reality are far apart.
Try to transfer in a currency other than Euro! Then you will see that Revolut is not working. The recipient bank can not do anything with the sender data. The payment will be rejected and returned after 21 days at the latest.

Hello, it’s a little off topic but I couldn’t find an info elsewhere. If I will have a Revolut account with PLN as the currency and I want to receive transfer from one of the Polish banks what would be the account that they send it to? Is it another bank in Poland? Is Revolut using local banks in Poland to setup their PLN accounts? Thanks, Przemek

Cześć Przemek
If you have registered your account with a polish post address, in the app you can find local IBAN (dashboard->details->local). It is a bank account in a Polish bank (Danske if I remember correctly). On this account, you can receive any transfer in PLN from polish banks.

If you need a personal account you can use Transferwise which offers a local PL account (at PKO) and then you can top up Revolut with the Transferwise card.

Has anyone had the issue that French companies (i.e. Le Monde) day the € IBAN is too short? They’re expecting 3-4 more digits, which would make it French length.

Anyone know what I can do about this? Save for using my HSBC FR Account? I’m really trying to just use Revolut though.

I remember at one time N26 IBANs had XXX at the end, or maybe that was Fortuneo. . . Maybe this was for this reason?

I gave my new IBAN to our wages officer and the payroll package does not accept it - says it is in the wrong format. Please advise urgently as I will have no wages this week ;-(

I think you should talk to a support agent. Go to the support chat (tap your profile pic > question mark in upper right corner > New chat) and type Live agent.

I am confused: It appears that Revolut now offers an EU IBAN, but I cannot find out what mine is. I want to transfer from my French (Credit Agricole) account, but they will not accept the GB47-- IBAN

On the account page, tap on the Euro flag. Use the account details as shown under ‚local‘. If you’re still seeing a UK IBAN, your’e most likely registered with a Swiss or UK address. But that shouldn’t matter, the UK is still a member of the SEPA area, despite having left the EU. If you’re facing further problems, I’d contact the French bank why they’re blocking a transfer to a valid IBAN of a SEPA member state.

Thanks - that is what I had done. I am in the UK.

The problem is the French bank says that a Euro account must have an IBAN in a Eurozone country. I am trying to get some more sense out of them!

Well, then your French bank is not understanding that the SEPA area and the EU are two different things. It’s really a problem they need to solve, there’s nothing Revolut could do about it, unfortunately.

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You might want to contact CA Britline (in English). I had to get them to authorise CA>R: but now have 2 way transfer CA>R:<CA

Yes, I spoke to Britline - they were also confused as there should have been no problem. They set it up for me, and all is now working!

I have the same issue: I’m trying to transfer money from my French bank to my revolut account but my French bank won’t let me do it because it’s not a French account…

I am using the IBAN data from my Revolut account (starts with GB…) because I am a UK resident.
Would it be possible to open another Revolut account with my French address maybe? Would I get an IBAN starting with FR?

What happens when you move to an EU country and change your address – does Revolut then give you a new IBAN, or are you stuck with an IBAN based on where you were resident when you first registered?

You’re then asked to close the account with Revolut Ltd. (UK) and open a new account with Revolut Payments UAB (Lithuania).

Funny, they haven’t with me. I wonder if it is worth nudging them, or just stay as I am…

It’s more complex than that. Residency and citizenship are two different factors, and regulatory requirements for different regions vary.

Sounds like you’re a Swiss citizen, residing currently outside Switzerland? That might be still sufficient for UK regulators. Swiss citizens might not be affected by Brexit in this regard.

If your French Bank is Credit Agricole ring the Britline and they allowed FR>:R IBAN transfers for my account.