Unique EUR IBAN and BIC/SWIFT Numbers.

Now the Unique GBP Sort Code and Account Number problem is resolved by Revolut for the UK: do you have already more news about the Unique EUR IBAN and BIC/SWIFT Number solution for the rest of Europe? Till now I only see “coming soon” ?!?!


(or did you already “brexit” us)

Hello @SiertW_NL,

We’re currently working on both EUR & USD personal IBANs. Hopefully within the next few months we’ll have them ready.


Andreas K.



Is there any update on when we might see these euro personal accounts? Would love to be able to use one soon!


We’re working super hard to have it ready within the next few months. We will announce more once we have more info.

Any luck on this? Seems the thread started early Feb and its many months later!?


Up ? So many months…


Thank you for your patience.

EUR IBANs are expected to be available in a couple of months…or even earlier :slight_smile:

@anon33247966 Are USD IBANs going to be released together with EUR ones or they are coming later?


Will the Debit card be released at the same time(premium cards)?

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No, we’re expecting EUR IBANs first.


Are you referring to the new premium cards? We will start shipping cards next month :slight_smile:


Is there an indication if it will be begin July or mid July or end :blush:
And will all the cards be shipped or only some colours?

it would be nice to have personal/individual IBAN in PLN

Are personal Euro IBANs still in the pipeline? Or was that just for the business customers?

Think that after the Debit cards will be shipped IBAN will follow soon.

Should be two different and separate product pipelines.

Debit card status (MasterCard Principal Licence) will eventually lead to Apple Pay certification.

Euro and US IBANs should be set up with a separate investment/commercial bank. Delay, I assume, is the need to comply with the relevant national regulatory institutions.


To be honest,

An full IBAN is not a priority for me.

It would be great to see a full Creditcard option which can compete with the debit/creditcards in Europe.

Think that a bank license etc is too much.
And it wont be easy to offer this in every country where Recolut is supported

What kind of advantages do you see a credit card have, as compared to a debit card?

Well specially in train and plane the card willbe supported to offline transactions.

Also some airlines that charge you at the airport accept only “credit” cards debit is not always supported.

Dont know how reservations work but these need also Credit ? I am not sure