Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


Try to add it and see if it works.


I know it works… I’ve been using for almost a week… just wanted to know why was I chosen… don’t get me wrong, it’s a privilege!


They said its random.


Does phone need to be connected to internet (via mobile network or wifi) when purchase is made using google pay?


No. The phone stores up to 10 tokens for payments.


People who are not aware of how Google Pay works and what’s its all about, check the links below for info…


Just added my virtual Revolut Visa card from Switzerland in Google Pay
I haven’t made any purchase but everything seems OK: the CHF0 verification from Google Pay appeared in the app.


:open_mouth: VISA?? That’d be great if it’s indeed true. Maybe they started beta testing the VISAs as well.


A print screen to make our day?




You can add every credit card to Google Pay but are you sure that you can use Tap&Pay with your Revolut VISA card and Google Pay or just online payments? What does the Google Pay App show? Mine doesn’t work.


It is the same for me. I can add credit card but i get notification that I cant use it for Tap&Pay. Maybe we are not in beta testers list?

Is that the case? If so can someone add us to beta testers list?


Works great. Also according to Google if I use it five times on separate days they will give me GBP 10 credit for their play store.


I tried adding my :r: mastercard (in CH with Android P) but cannot use NFC, then we tried with my gf’s :r: card (also in CH but on Oreo) and she can.

Of course she does not really care about it and I would really like to have it for when I go running :rofl: (no need to carry additional cash/cards). Not sure how the accounts were selected, but I cannot wait until everyone can get it :slight_smile:


I tried to install Google Pay but on my Samsung S8 I just get the message “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”.
Is it possible to install Google Pay on a Samsung phone or not?


Good to know even I cannot use my card but my newly added virtual card works flawlessly.


Is it MasterCard or Visa?


All of them are Visa.

edit: I double checked with my second phone that has NFC contact less payment is not supportet.


Virtual cards are not eligible for in-store Google Payments.


I didn’t recall hearing anything about that so I carefully reviewed the stuff I got from Google. I can’t find anywhere that confirms your statement Virtual cards are not eligible for in-store Google Payments but I agree you are basically correct it sounds like I will not be getting my expected free credit.

_For a limited time, you’ll unlock a £10 Google Play credit when you make your first 5 purchases with Google Pay on different days.*

*New UK users only, age 16+. Enrol by 30/08/18. Make 5 qualifying payments (QPs) w/in 30 days of enrolling. Max 1 QP/day, 1 reward per user. Save reward by 15/10/18. Terms apply._

OK so I read the Terms which apply. You’re right that :r: is not on the list of eligible banks, in fact Google doesn’t even recognise that Revolut exists.

I think it’s incredibly sneaky of Google to send me an email which incentivises me to use their service in return for free credit, but I don’t qualify for the free credit! The large print giveth even as yea the small print taketh away.

So as I use :r: for all my purchases no further point in using Google pay and I’ll go back to using physical card as I find it more convenient than switching on and unlocking my phone.