Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


I hope google pay app is able to activate nfc when started and deactivate it after payment. Otherwise, its 1 more step for me to do. I don’t keep nfc ON by default.


On my device, if the NFC is off, Google Pay shows a prompt to turn it on, and just tapping there enables it, without taking me to the settings or anything like that :slight_smile: You do have to turn it off manually after a transaction, though.


Sorry, this is a poor implementation! Dammit, why is there only Apple and Google!


I’m looking forward to OraSaifu.
It might be great. ;o))


Successfully added MC card to GP, but when trying to make a payment, when processing transaction an “invalid card number” error appears. :confused:

Adding virtual card to Google Pay

This is not correct. I added my virtual MasterCard to Google Pay and have been using from the day I started this thread.

I couldn’t add my physical Visa card though. I’ve been led to believe at the moment :r: is allowing MC only


It isn’t true. You can add card to Google Pay only if your bank supports this.


One more thing to recharge. These days we have so many devices to recharge it’s crazy.
Please, someone smart, create some kind of battery that lasts 10 years :pray:


You can add any card, but to be able to pay in shops with it (NFC), you indeed need a bank that supports it.
If it doesn’t support it, you can still pay online with it for places that support Google Pay :slight_smile:


Wording :wink:
IMHO paying by NFC is the salt of the earth :yum: in case of Google Pay
BTW. This is what happens if I try to configure my Revolut Visa card in Google Pay:


Any update on when Google Pay comes out of beta?


I’m waiting for Apple Pay, but I wonder does beta testers of Google Pay can add/use cards independently of their country of residence and where GPay is supported?


GPay is supported in my country (I have Revolut’s GPay too)


Yes, at least for my gf, we installed Gpay through apkmirrors and it worked straigth away.


Yup, works for me as well even though I live in Romania, which isn’t an officially supported Google Pay country as of yet (from what I’ve read on Wikipedia and some other articles, Google Pay will launch in France, Italy, Romania and South Korea by the end of the year :wink:)


Move over apple x… It’s nearly time for a new Note 9 with Google Pay… With Revolut… (Maybe Samsung Pay too?).


so hows the beta goin? still not working for visa holders…


I’m also waiting for it.


+1. Waiting for it too.


Recently received my physical :r: Visa and today I activated it through a successful purchase at the baker’s (with PIN code). Then tried adding it to my Google Pay, but I get a message that NFC payments in stores are not supported for this card. So I guess I’m not selected … :sob:

Is there anyone I can ask really nicely to be selected still? @AndreasK perhaps? :innocent:
Itching to use it!!