Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


Have you seen the movie “The Incredibles”? All I say is: No Capes!!! :grin:


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I still dont understand how it suppose to work for all revolut customers, if according to this support article google pay is available only in selected countries :frowning:


Nobody knows. Even in :austria: some users with a Revolut Mastercard can use Google Pay. If my local bank gives me nfc payment via app I’ll use it instead. Tomorrow I’ll test Glase again…


If you download Google Pay on APK Mirror you’re now able to run the app and add Revolut’s card. Done.


How can I participate in apple pay beta testing?


Yes, it might be so, but how can I be sure that .apk from apkmirror is 1:1 copy from google and not changed in any harmful way?


I think that would be pretty impossible since Google Pay uses a safety net and wouldn’t work if somebody modified it. Also, on apkmirror all apks are verified as being safe to install :slight_smile:


Exactly, the apks on apkmirror are hashed and compared with the real apks. This way you can be sure they weren’t modified. I can confirm that I downloaded Google Pay from APK Mirror in a country where it’s not oficially supported, added my Mastercard from Revolut and paid in a store with my phone.


Okey, cool.
Just 1 more question then - is it necessary to unlock your phone when paying or it works like contactless payment with card (no need to enter pin to certain amount)?


Obviously the latter… unfortunately… I had hoped to gain security by using Google Pay…


Really? Google Pay works without unlocking the screen?! What a joke LOL


Well, actually this is kind of a benefit of paying contactless. If the price is less than 25 € (in Germany at least) you just have to switch on the screen, but you don’t have to unlock it. (With blank screen GPay won’t work). If it’s more than 25 € then you have to unlock your phone.

Basically the same as with a normale platic card…


A contactless payment card works without any extra security so why should contactless phone payments should need more security.
In UK for payments up to £30 via Google Pay just the the phone screen should be on and for payments above £30 you will have to unlock the phone.


Plastic card = dumb (more or less) ; modern phone = smart… how long does it take to unlock phone with fingerprint or pin? Or why not enable NFC only for five or ten minutes after unlocking. Then you can prepare it when you are waiting in the queue. At least it should be optional. All control/power to the user! So obviously Garmin-/Fitpay/Masterpass/Boon/Glase is the better solution.


It’s your opinion and I definitely respect that. But for in case card/phone is stolen and someone made payments from that, your bank is responsible for all fraudulent activities on your account. Most banks will refund you on the same day in my experience.
Banks will not signup for Google Pay if this will not secure. I personally like the convince of not unlocking my phone and still being able to make payments under £30.
If the phone is lost or stolen Google Pay is not the only this someone should be worried about, to be honest, we store a lot more personal and other important information on our phones so just block your phone as soon as possible on Android we have ‘Find my device’ and on iOS we have ‘Find my iPhone’


So Revolut/Google will refund me?

Hmm, can you access phone storage from PC without unlocking it? Obviously not.
And if you try to unlock it with PIN/Password a few times the phone will be automatically wiped. Find my device? How do you sign in to Google if your phone is part of the 2-Step Verification?


Yes If there are any fraudulent transactions Revolut (not Google) will be able to raise a chargeback claim as per Visa or MasterCard process. Revolut is not Bank so the card is not a Debit card which means protection against fraudulent transaction might not be the same as HSBC for example. @AndreasK can you please explain or share the information how Revolut will deal in instances where the phone is lost or stolen and Revolut card is used before a user was able to cancel.

Yes you can - Just login with same ID and Password you have used on phone;

On iOS:
On Android:

I would recommend using which works on multiple devices for 2FA. Google always gives you backup codes when you enable 2FA.


How do I know if I’ve been selected?


When can we expect Google pay for All revolut users? Just tried and is not working with any of my R cards yet. But THANKS for download link. Finally got Google Pay app on my oneplus 6 :joy::joy: