Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay

Can anyone confirm that Google Pay really works with N26 Austria? I guess this is an error.

On the Google website Austria is still not listed:

Just tested this for my Dutch N26 MasterCard and I am unable to add it to GooglePay contactless. N26 Maestro can not even be added to GooglePay at all. The Netherlands is similar as Austria (also not listed on the mentioned Google website).

On the N26 support page Netherlands and Austria are not mentioned.

I asked N26 about it on Twitter, I will give an update when I have an answer.

The new countries are listed on their Google Pay page, not the support center page. It’s been almost a week since they were added.

Yep, I also noticed this, check my previous post.

Looking at the answer I received on Twitter, the Netherlands (and Austria) might be (for now?) falsely included on their Google Pay page:

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The same account has answered that GPay is available to Portugal. So don’t take them into account. One thing is for sure that a launch is coming soon.

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The Netherlands and Austria (and other Countries?) are removed from the N26 GooglePay page:

By the way I knew ‘Denmark’ is a country, but I never heard of ‘the Denmark’. :wink:


They removed the “United Kingdom” and "the"was left! They indeed removed the countries but it was a good sneak peek of the upcoming launch

Revolut, could you please allow [GPay] button in Bulgarian accounts.
Manually BG BIN Revolut cards (except RevP) can be added via Google Pay app.

Bulgaria: Supported payment methods

To find out if your bank or card supports contactless payments with Google Pay, check out the table below. For other countries and regions, find supported payment methods for contactless payments.

Banks - Supported cards
Curve OS Ltd - Mastercard Debit
Monese Mastercard Debit
Paynetics AD - Mastercard Debit and Prepaid
Revolut - Mastercard cards
Viva Wallet - Mastercards Consumer Debit and Small Business Debit

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Dutch user here. Since a couple of minutes I have the button in the Revolut app and also managed to add my RevP card.

Google Pay is also now available in Austria (you can find also press releases in newspapers), but the app is not available in the Play Store.
I’ve shot a message to google as i find it strange to launch a service but not providing the app in the app-store…
If maybe somebody from Austria is here - can you please try finding the app in the Play store? Maybe thats a personal issue?

I agree with you it’s strange. Same is the case in the Netherlands. But luckily there is no need to have the Google Pay app to add a card.

On your phone go to Settings>Google>Account services>Google Pay. There you can add a card manually.

Yes right - that is the same answer i got from google support stating that the app will go away and it wil lbe integrated into android directly. that’s why new countries like austria and netherlands doesnt seem to get the app anymore…

Maybe with Android 11? But ok that doesn’t make any sense because the are other features also, not just the bank cards.

It is Android 10 - and as i said google confirmed in those countries there is no app for google pay it is integrated in the system.
i had google pay preinstalled when purchasing the phone, but when google pay went officially live the app disappeared and it got integrated that way. So it seems google can do it on their own completely.

N26 app has a button to manage your added card in Google Pay but it doesn’t work for now, it should open your N26 card in GPay. This means that you should have the app installed.

How are you going to add loyalty cards or boarding passes without the app?

If you are at the cashier and you want to change you card immediately to pay because the selected card didn’t work? You will have to go to the phone settings every time? I have more than 5 cards added. I don’t think so.

Also there is no official statement from Google about that. All I can think is that they want to remove the old app gradually because the just launched a new one. Or they are not ready yet.

But… we’ll see.

again - i got an email from google support regarding my question of google pay app and i just pasted the answer here. As mentioned that wasthe information directly from google support. There is no other function than paying anymore and it is deeply integrated in the system setting.s.

Feel free to chat with google support as i did to ask.

No need! There is a statement finally!

But i think they want to get rid of the old app and use this temporary service for new countries.


Hi! I’d like to share my experience with Google Pay today. As a resident of the Netherlands, I could successfully add my Revolut Maestro card to Google Pay, which was impossible a couple of days ago. So I will test if local shops accept Maestro through GPay shortly.

They do! Tested already.

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I have tried to add 2 premium Visa cards but they fail. My metal Visa was added successfully. Anyone with the same issue?