Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


Can you somehow see is your bin in beta?

I also have revolut MC and I cannot add it in Google Pay.
All security is turned on and it should work.
But nothing.

What bothers me is that it is said on Google support pages that it is working for revolut MC cards.


Nope all you can do is to try, to add it to Google Pay.


do you think they will add visa cards too in google pay?


IMHO- yes, but is the matter of time


lets check after 5 years… :roll_eyes:


Is there an update on this? VISA card support?


Just tried added the Revolut VISA card to Google Pay…
Computer says No.

“This card can’t be set up to pay in stores”


Still not working with my Mastercard.


Mentioned already couple of times - Visa cards are not supported at all for GPay at the moment. You need to have a MC (from premium) or a blank one to get it added to GPay succsessfully.


Regular mastercard works fine with gpay provided your country is opened for gpay use. I tried it a couple of times with my revolut mastercard, realised i had to unlock the phone to use it - quicker and easier to use contactless having the card sitting in the mobile shell, go figure :thinking:

My new phone doesnt have nfc so i have gpay but cant use it in store any more, if you ask me its a novelty thing that people seem to forget about after a while.


What new phone did you manage to get that doesn’t have NFC



Honestly, i didnt even check it - like you i thought all modern phones has it.


It is a 180€ phone. At least some gimmicks are still middle or upper class – obviously.


Then again they could easily have made it a 185 phone with nfc if that was the problem. I want a phone with a real battery, then options get limited. No highend phones have 5000 mAh no matter the price tag.

Suspect they didn’t include it since most don’t use nfc?


What are the chances of me getting a fully working Google Pay enabled card, if i order a second one? I am thinking of buying one, just because of that.


If new one will be a MasterCard and you can find your country in this list and Revolut MC is here, chances are really high in my opinion.


@ Laurenz_L
I don’t get it why you think it’s a gimmick. It’s obviously in the early stages but in the future no one will carry those old school cards anymore.


I get my new MC Revolut card.
But I still cannot add it in Hungary to my Google Pay account. (Google Pay account not assigned to my hungarian address, so that’s why I can use it.)

Any news about the MC cards?


I sideloaded GP (as it’s not officially available in Romania) but I was not able to add any card to it, being from my local bank or Revolut MC. Anyone able to add Revolut to GPay in Romania?


Visa for sure not accepted yet. Mastercard is possible to be accepted in Google pay.