Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


Yeah, that’s kind of how a beta works.

This also makes sense, if you want to pay at PoS you should have a physical card, like you’d need normally.

If there’s no solid thing you can give customers, what do you say besides soon?


You don’t know how long the beta needs to run until you’ve found and fixed all the kinks. Not sure how you’d like them to do this? When it’s ready it’ll be ready. I’d rather a proper feature release instead of half-finished garbage.

I’m assuming they’ll launch it for both at the same time, or they’ll release it for one then do a beta for the other in a similar fashion, assuming they have to go through different processes.

You’ll be able to choose what card issuer you get in the future. As of now there’s no way besides to buy a higher tier which is guaranteed MasterCard or to hope you get offered one.

Nice Brexit plug? It doesn’t make a difference to Revolut though - they’ll just adjust company structure to ensure they can work properly. They have the money to do so.

How about you ask what you want to know and they can potentially answer?

Never happening.


I had previously tried to set up my Visa with no success. I didn’t realise it at the time, but as others have pointed out in this thread, Visa cards issued by Revolut aren’t currently supported in Google Pay. My MasterCard arrived last week and I had no problem setting it up…

The only minor issue I experienced was that the £1 authentication transaction from Google Pay was initially declined, because I hadn’t enabled online transactions (I use my Virtual card online) but once enabled, the authentication was instant.


N26 only offers to clients in countries where Google Pay is supported.


I am N26 user and registered to Revolut as N26 has no plans to support Google Pay in Finland according to an email from their support. I had missed the fact that Revolut only gives it for Mastercards and I was issued a Visa (of which I now have three).

However I hope to see Google Pay support soon and await eagerly banking license and to see what everything Revolut will be doing and probably won’t be terminating my account unless there will be more fees (such as N26’s requirement to use their card nine times per quarter or get a 2,90 € monthly fee).


I have added Revolut Visa to Google Pay without any problems.


Give here screen or it didn’t happen. :grinning:


Your reply appears to be condescending (I’m sure you didn’t mean it that way). This was taken directly from one of Revolut’s help pages. I copied it as I thought it would be useful for those who hadn’t seen it.

This was also taken directly from one of Revolut’s help pages, again for clarification for those who are trying to add a virtual card and seeing it fail.
You say that it “makes sense, if you want to pay at PoS you should have a physical card, like you’d need normally”
But it’s not unreasonable to imagine that if adding a physical card then those details become virtual and the phone becomes the physical presence. So then why not be able to add a virtual card if you’re making a PoS payment with your phone. To add to that plausibility, Google allows you to add bank accounts; are these not ‘virtual’?
If you look at, for example, (according to them) you will see that it’s possible to add virtual cards to GPay. Quote: “If you do not have a plastic card yet, you can use your virtual card”.
Also, Starling bank, when talking about GPay, states that “customers using Google and Android devices will be able to load their card into their digital wallet before their physical MasterCard Debit Card arrives in the post”.
It is a little confusing, though, as google states that a virtual credit card is a payment type that won’t work.
Who knows what’s up-to-date and what’s not.

Actually, If there’s no solid thing you can give customers, WHY would you say “soon”?
I admit that I was having a polite dig at the frequent use of “coming soon”. If there’s no scope then it becomes a redundant statement (for me, at least). I would much prefer a statement such as “we anticipate, if all goes well, that testing will be completed by the end of [insert month/year] and we can then start rolling out GPay to the rest of you lovely rockstars!”
Anyway, I was just stating that it’s something we don’t know.


With any testing of services, products, changes to a business model, or new offerings one would expect there to be some level of detailed management to the project. It, especially phases of user acceptance testing, shouldn’t be open ended. This is ties to the bit about saying “soon”.
I’m not complaining; just stating that it’s something we don’t know. Note I said “when the” and not “when will the”

You’re assuming a lot there and you know what they say about assume: it can make an ass out of u and me.

That’s very useful to know. Could you please let us know where you got that information? Post a link if you can, please.

I was just trying to inject a little extraneous humour. I clearly failed.

I’m not really asking any questions. I’m sure the lovely people at Revolut have much better use for their time. I was merely stating what we know and what we don’t know.

Well there you go . . . . .


I didn’t. I’m just very bad at writing.

I’ve seen it there :wink: I’ve crawled through Revolut help pages quite a bit in my thirst for more fintech knowledge. It’s indeed pretty useful without the willingness to read through a bunch of pages though.

Yeah, I do think you should have a physical card and should have to carry it around with you - to be honest. I don’t think it’s right to live off of virtual cards nor mobile wallets. What happens if your phone gets stolen? You’ve lost both. At least you can hide a physical card as backup.

I see what you mean, but I stand by my above comment.

I wasn’t aware that they let you add bank accounts, thought that was just PayPal that did so.

I thought adding virtual cards to Google Pay was to use them for online purchases. (like you can currently add some cards for online purchases only and not for PoS usage)

They’re still ordering a physical card though, so I don’t see much of a problem with this - it’s just a “here’s it in advance you won’t have to rely on this soon” kind of deal.

Yeah I was pretty sure it didn’t work for anything but online purchases (which is for what virtual cards are typically meant for).

Good point, I’ve actually given Revolut some flack for their overuse of the word “Soon” before, so I’m not sure why I wrote that. I hate the word, just say we expect it to be ready around 2019Q1 for example and then tell people at least a month before if it’s not going to be ready in time, giving them a new date that’s longer than how long you actually expect, so you get it done early. This way people may complain, but at least you’ve communicated everything as best as you can - the ones who truly care will stick around because they appreciate it.


Sure, but not as card which can be used to contactless payment (using NFC). Am I right?


Would love to be able to pay with Google Pay using my revolut mastercard but it does not work for me! Still waiting to be opened for all users! :slight_smile:


I had no chance to try contactless payment (using NFC), but I got ‘Google* service’ 0€ authorisation both in Revolut and Google Pay then tried to use it with Airbnb. Unfortunately, Airbnb seems to work only with “Google Pay for the Android app in the US


It is still not possible to use Visa cards in Google Pay for NFC payments however MasterCards are working fine!


Card properly added to Google Pay looks like this (below).
Please look on the NFC sign under the card.


‘Mastercard’ works but ‘Visa’ does not


Exactly (at least for now)


This is not entirely true. Only a few Mastercard cards work. Mine doesn’t (for example).


It’s in beta.
Nobody can Opt-In since it’s randomly selected (BIN Based)
Only Mastercard is in Beta, Visa will probably follow later after they finished the beta for Mastercard.


It also depends on country. You can check on Google Pay -> Participating Banks -> your country.