Revolut :r: now works with Google Pay


Can Revolut assure VISA will work with Google Pay? Unfortunately I don’t find much use of Revolut otherwise, MasterCard is too costly.



Eventually it will but for now it won’t.



Google Pay supports VISA cards. I have my bank that has a VISA card and I have it in Google Pay.



Can I upload two Revolut accounts to Google Pay? One personal and one business?



This is for you that you want Google Pay desperately:

One month ago i discovered an app called “Boon Pay”. I am using it since then for my daily purchases and i have never let down by it. Before using that app i was here all day looking for Revolut news about Google Pay, but now i can use it without even having a physical card in my hands(and that’s amazing).
So i am suggesting you if you are annoyed of revolut not supporting Google Pay to try this app. It also has 3d secure(just tried it and it sent me a message with a code)!

You can even use boon even when you live outside of their supported countries (just e-mail them your proof of address)

This is not an ad. It’s my honest opinion and workaround method.



Does Boon link to cards so it’d bill Revolut for your transactions using Boon?



That’s funny. Revolut doesn’t even have debit cards nor supports 3d secure, which both are requirements for top-ups. I top- up with my N26 debit or by Bank transfer (it’s provided in the app).



So is Boon like, an e-money? But Apple/Android pay only?



Yes , but you can also buy with the card number. After the registration it created my virtual card and show a button saying “add to Google Pay”. After that i never changed anything. I also used the card number to buy directly from the web and it worked just fine. It used to be a card emulator app but then they ditched it and went full apple - google pay.



It’s a real shame, if it billed the underlying card I could have seen myself using it :sweat_smile:



I took a look at boon. too. But they have a monthly fee. So if it is just about Apple Pay I would go to N26 - their account is free and you can have all your Apple Pay or Google Pay fun if you want to.

But I rather stick to :r: I have time to wait for Apple Pay here. :sweat_smile:

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I use DiPocket (for free, no monthly fee, no transaction fee) to be able to pay with GooglePay. I am in the Netherlands so N26 is not an option for me.

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I just saw at the Google homepage that Google Pay is not supported for AMEX. What?! Seriously? :unamused:

Now I understand why it is a big thing with Apple Pay and AMEX. Guess Apple knows how to get stuff done. :grinning:

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Does dipocket have their tariff table for EUR base currency in their site somewhere? I found only for GBP :frowning:



There is some info on costs in EUR under “How much does it cost to use DiPocket?” in their FAQ. In their tariff table some amounts are also in EUR.

GooglePay is free, top up with my Dutch Creditcard was free (though their tariff table states it should have costed me 0,50 GBP :thinking:). Top up by bank transfer is also free.



I live in Greece and N26 doesn’t provide Google Pay here. That’s why I use Boon.

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Yes, that makes sense.



Weird, N26 supports both Google and Apple Pay here, I guess we’re a nation aiming for cashlessness within the next half decade or so though!



Thanks for the app! I will look into it and compare it with the Boon. app. I unfortunately can’t top up boon with a Greek card so i hope i can with DiPocket. Does it have Auto top-up? It can also be used as an alternative card if boon fails for some reason.



Unfortunately not. :frowning_face: