Revolut lands in the USA!


Revolut has landed in the US


Great news, Revolut is launching in the USA to clean up the American banking system and you can sign up for early access now!


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Great news. But what does this mean exactly? It could mean a number of different things:

  • US residents can sign up.
  • USD balances will get their own unique US bank account numbers.
  • Fee-free top-ups in USD will be possible.
  • ACH outgoing transfers will be possible.

I hope that Revolut properly shakes up the US banking system, unlike PayPal’s pathetic efforts for many years to do so. As a taste of how backward the US banking system is, when I use my US bank’s online banking to make a payee to a third party such as a friend, my bank does not ask me for the payee’s ABA routing transit number and account number, but instead for the payee’s postal address. My bank then sends a cheque in the post to the payee! This is common to most US banks.


We’re expanding our services to Asia & North America by the end of the year. US residents can sign up and get early access!


@AndreasK - How will US residents be able to top up in USD? There are currently no viable methods.


We’re working on USD personal IBANs :slight_smile:

Any news/updates regarding personal USD IBANs?
Revolut – Europe's new tech unicorn 🦄

@AndreasK - The United States doesn’t use IBANs. I suggest you look at where there’s a map of the world showing which countries use IBANs.

In any case, how would a US resident use an IBAN, personal or otherwise, to top up in USD?


Correct, the US needs ACH if revolut wants thousands to jump on the bandwagon!

There has to be free deposits from start there as their creditcard fees are crazy.


That’s right. My fault, I mean ACH and wire.

US bank account numbers for non-US residents
Any news/updates regarding personal USD IBANs?
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Therefore do you mean an ABA routing transit number and account number rather than an IBAN?


I would, of course, welcome the enlargement to other countries, but I would welcome even more support for all EEA currencies. Still missing BGN, CZK and ISK. :slightly_frowning_face:


And yet still no Apple Pay.


I’ve been moving money from my USA debit cards to Revolut using Apple Pay. Works instantly without anyone taking a percentage (use Capital One 360 or Schwab Bank). Caution, I haven’t tried it in six months. My dream is for Revolut to enable the moving of money from USA debit cards to IBANs without taking a percentage (similar to IBAN interchanges). Even then Revolut can only be recommended to a slightly larger fraction of my friends.


ACH pull is what TransferWise use to get cash from US accounts - it’s a great way of funding, especially as most banks don’t easily support wire transfers out (ACH push) online or on their apps.

@AndreasK could you take a look at this? I would think Currency Cloud implement it though I’m not 100% certain.


:r: is still a startup and from time to time has problems, sometimes critical ones. I hope they have superb lawyers or otherwise when things go wrong in the US of A they could cease to exsist.


Hi there,

I have a UK Premium account, but also have a US bank account, does this mean i can now send money to my US bank account free of costs without incurring wire transfer fees from my chase bank? Just like transfer wise?



Where are funds stored for USA customers? Are they in a foreign (outside the USA) bank account? If so, this may require these customers to file an FBAR with their taxes to declare foreign accounts to the IRS. This is a big deal that customers need to be informed of if its the case, as it could unwittingly put some in legal trouble.


We are not live yet to the USA, but funds will be stored in a local US account.

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