Revolut lands in the USA!


That’s great news. Are we (EU) users are going to profit with local US account too?


Good question! What about US citizens that are also EU temporary residents? They already have US bank accounts and get their salary here in the EU. With local accounts on both ends, Revolut would be a killer expat financial hub.


Any updates on timeframe for Personal accounts in USD? @AndreasK


What kind of landing was this? – I’m 3929 on some advance list as of this morning. – Feels like I’m still airborne


Well metaphorically it’s landed. It’s just that you’ve not disembarked yet. :wink:


ah… I get it … I’m effectively on Wowair, waiting for my connection in Reykjavik :wink:


That’s coming with our USA expansion, which is expected for Q1 2018.


@AndreasK wow, only 25 days to answer, that was fast…
Jokes aside, how is it going to work for us EU residents? Are we going to have a US bank account that works like a local US bank account?


You’ll have a USA personal ACH.

Selling on Amazon USA from the UK
Personalised IBAN on USD account coming soon?

Txs, that will be great and IMO take Revolut to the next level. Also because a lot of the exchanging and transactions for us digital nomads happens between USD>EUR. Cheers!


Hi everyone.

I’m late to the party but I have questions about this!

I already have Revolut in the UK, but I am an American expat and will be moving back to America in 2018. Glad to hear you will be there. If I want to continue using Rev there, must I apply fresh on the US page? Or can I continue using my same card and account from the UK?

I’ll have a new phone number, and expect to be in both places for a little while as I settle in, if that matters.


“has landed” and “is launching” are two very different things. Especially if you want to use the moon trip as an illustration!

Just like the Lithuanian bank thing, please stop hyping your future plans as if they’ve already happened.

Also, that link only freezes my browser. Can’t you make a simple web form without tons of unnecessary graphics and Javascript? Also, I appreciate that you recognize the value of white space, but you’re going a little too far. You need a better balance .between being so dense we can’t read easily (like other sites) and being so sparse we get RSI from scrolling.

I’m not trying to be an enemy. Revolut sounds like a very good thing. But the above issues are making it rather difficult for me to be sure.


Hi, any update on when you will be launching in the US? I am leaving to Scotland on December 26th and would love to use your services.


The publicly announced goal is by Q1 2018.


Can’t wait for the personal USD accounts to be available. :heart_eyes:
Then I can finally receive USD transfers on my account directly.


Are you permanently moving to Scotland?


No I am only visiting for vacation, I live in the USA. I was hoping to use your card while I was there and slowly jumping the waiting list line so I can be first on your list.


Oh I see. We’re aiming for Q1 of 2018, and I’m afraid you will not be able to use our services this time :frowning:


Quick question Andreas are you guys hiring for any sales position? I’ve
been studying your company and am very impressed with what I see. Would
love to have a conversation with someone about it, if that’s possible?


Any plans to roll this out to UK/EU business customers?

I’m currently using TransferWise Borderless, which is really useful for receiving Stripe and other domestic US customer funds, but there’s then an extra hop getting that into Revolut. It also doesn’t offer any connected debit card.

Would be killer combo to have both a domestic US ACH/account number and Revolut’s existing card facility. I haven’t yet seen that anywhere!