Premium: Airport Lounges


@AndreasK Its not that I havent been already waiting a week for a reply :wink:



I can imagine that it is hard to solve the agreement with many airports/companies.

But it would be great to give a time schedule to know what we can expect. (Like soon 4-6months)

Also for the Metal cards.

As customers its frustrating to see “soon” for several months.

Maybe a roadmap could be great to know what will happen or what atr the next steps


I dont think, they want to sign a agreement with many airports. Sounds like “Priority Pass” für Premium Members. Or, a new member level like Revolut Platinum.

Many Banks worldwide offer Priority Pass access.



Mastercard offers access to airport lounges at
But I have not tested the service yet.


I think :r: will offer with discount or a limited free visits don t know how it will look


:r: announced they will offer the wholesale rate. No discount, no free allowance. At least that’s what was said.


LOL :laughing:

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Thats a sad, because what make the Premium account worth this “premium feature”?

Mastercard already offer the lounge acces (see the post of @Lisandru) for all creditcards.


Not true. Only for high exclusive cards.
This is, why you have to enter your cc number to “check” if you can use this service, or not.

1.) Not available in all countries
2.) Not available from all banks
3.) most of them MC Platinum is the minimum

In my country, Mastercard Lounge Key online for Prestige, World Elite, Platinum Card Holder.

Dont forget. This are expensive cards. You can get Lounge Access with Amex too, or Visa Inifinite. But, do you know how much money you have to spend, for this card? Amex for example 500 Euros / Year Card fee

And of course, they do not accept PrePaid / Debit

Try it

Its just a benefit, for the exclusive card. Maybe Revolut can try to nego with MC about this for a new “Revolut Platinum Member Card”

For example. The competitor"N26" from germany is a World Elite card, but can NOT use the World Elite Benefits.

I just request 2 new benefits, for Premium (or a new higher level)

SEPA Instant Payment to top-up instant by bank transfer 24/7 and Lounge Access :slight_smile:


But if the card does not support Loungekey, you should be able to pay the visit at the Lounge(around 30-40euros)


Depends on the Lounge.
For example. The Airport, in my area. Lounge Key = Air France Lounge. Without the Lounge Key = i do need to hold a business class ticket from Air France.


Here you pay between 25-45 for the KLM Crown lounge.

Think it depends on the place


n26 world elite can use world elite benefits, just not the lounges from but it can for example use the ones from mastercard priceless or the mastercard concierge, among others.


Revolut hat viel vor aber so Richtig kommt die Sache nicht in Gang


Any news on this? It’s not a good look to promise something for a premium and then not deliver on it.


Very glad I didn’t sign up for premium when this first appeared as ‘coming soon’ nearly a year ago. I’ve now signed up for a premium service that includes lounge access elsewhere, and won’t be considering Revolut when they finally get around to it.


Where is that? Can you share it?


@podgib # can you tell us where you joined up for lounge access? Thanks. I believe Revolut even took down the promise of it on their app now…


Will see what Platinum membership will offer for 12.99£ or equivalent :+1::joy:


I went with amex. It’s expensive just for lounge access, but the travel insurance, car hire etc benefits make it just worth it (for me anyway). Plus they have customer support that actually know what they’re talking about :wink: