Premium: Airport Lounges

Does anybody have any idea when the airport lounges that have been ‘coming soon’ in Revolut premium for months are actually going to be available?

All the other features of premium are entirely useless to me, but depending on the offer, this could actually be worthwhile.


Hopefully next month! :smile:


The team is working hard on this, as it’s one of our priorities at the moment.

As soon as we’ve got something to share, we’ll make sure everyone knows about it!


Ummmm keep in mind that Revolut has the same concept of time and “coming soon” as Tesla and others in the startup crowd…it actually mostly means "more than 6 months, errr maybe years :rofl:


Be positive :rofl::rofl:


Yes but Tesla is the leading electric car manufacturer both in terms of innovation, and in terms of hype.

So maybe it’s a good comparison. :sweat_smile:


And Revolut is the potential leader in fintech :wink:


We agree :tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada::rocket:


Can the coming soon graphic be removed?

This is how my premium profile looks like

Airport lounges - coming soon
Exclusive offers - coming soon
More features - coming soon

It is self explaining. Premium offering is very weak.


Any news about this @anon33247966? :slight_smile:


I am interested too, it would be a nice to see this feature.


Is there any update on this, as previous members said its premium has many coming soon features.
An update to say there is a delay and now expected next week, next month, next 6 months is better than silence.

Having coming soon for so long begins to make this false advertising, as people will sign up to premium with the premise that it will shortly be avaliable. I understand every has different different ideas of what coming soon means, but 3 month’s without any idea of when it is avaliable doesnt seem like coming soon, so the graphics should be removed.


I am sure that 2018 will bring us many great features.

But I do agree that Revolut could make a Roadmap/Timeschedule and say what they expect. At least to have a indicate how long then nothing.

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‘Rest assured we will keep you posted’

Any news, many many months on???


I hope they’ll do it. Otherwise I’ll cancel Premium.
More than this, is paying for something which we do not get. “Coming soon” is a joke, like “2 weeks” in december for crypto.

I just upgraded to Premium. I give them 3 months to fix all things advertised (3 out of 12, thats 25% of the time). Otherwise, I guess I have the right to cancel it without any penalty (and in case of they want any penalty, that would be kinda illegal…)


Agreed. Lots of promise and the potential to be great, but I’ve been signed up to premium for nearly a year now and can’t see any reason to renew. I think the communication and ambition needs to be realistic and genuine. A string of ‘coming soons’ is just disingenuous.


This is getting ridiculous, and it is not just customers that are not being given information, but support staff too.

While speaking to an agent on live chat about another issue I got this response. No ideas what emargo period they would be talking about.
‘I cannot share those details for now, due to the embargo period.’

After escalating to a manager, I got the followimg response. This was 2 weeks ago and still no updates on the website or anywhere. Likewise I didnt get an email Android notifications that was supposed to have beem sent out. I have checked all spam folders etc.
‘Thank you for the suggestion, I will pass it to our relevant team of course. We were informed about December as well, however, we do not have any update on this yet, so you are right, we will need to change this information now.’

No right to cancel I’m afraid…


No, but there is the opportunity for :r: to earn a PR win by recrediting some small amount to the Premium customer as a gesture for the features that were ‘coming soon’ when those customers upgraded. Only to then see the delivery slide more than a greasy penguin down a bobsleigh track. :penguin: :wink: