Premium: Airport Lounges


I had Visa Infinite for years and the Conciergerie was not bad but simply…useless :wink: ( @Ares AMEX Is the service worth it? )
I am not interested in having a Conciergerie service anymore EXCEPT for simple tasks like rendez-vous ( with in-app discussions )

For sure, Revolut needs to offer additional insurances ( winter should be included ) and airport lounges for Platinium/Premium :wink:


Yeah I see no value in the concierge service - I find it easier to just book stuff online myself. I’m more talking about getting answers to questions about my account and transactions/charges etc that Revolut seems to struggle with but Amex excels at. It’s not the reason I got the card, but it’s something you expect them to get right.

Amex is honestly line ball whether it’s worth it for me, and I may ditch it after a year, but I really can’t see myself going for Revolut premium/metal at this point unless it is extremely good value.


If there’s two of you, Amex platinum is actually cheaper (covers you and one supplementary card holder) and includes more (more lounges, and free guests in priority pass lounges).

True, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect them to be able to answer basic questions about their own product.

Wow, that’s tiny! There must be some high spenders that rely on it for it to be even worth maintaining. I can imagine it would have been useful pre-internet, but now I just see no purppose.


Precisely. Concierge services are a complete waste of time. Never used them either with Amex or MasterCard Elite.


OK I feel less alone thinking Conciergerie is not really usefully, at least for our generation


That carrot has now disappeared!


Yes, I saw that too this morning.

I bit naughty really, offering something (even if it was ‘coming soon’) and then to completely remove it…


It’s still coming. Just not for premium alone but for all users at different price points: basic, premium, platinum.


I have read it in one interview that the cashback to be offered will be between 0.1% and 1% depending on where you spend money with the card, so I assume in EU it will be only 0.1%, and only for Platinum users.


Yes, I remember vaguely that also higher tier cards like Mastercard World Elite can have higher than average interchange fees internationally.


Frank - are you from Revolut?


I’m not. I’m referring to a R. event that was broadcasted live on facebook recently. The video should be still available there.


So, the “Lounge Access” that encouraged me to upgrade to premium is now no longer “coming soon” but just vanished?
I hope the Revolut team can understand why people are so annoyed by this. You can’t use something as an incentive to buy your premium product and then just not deliver on it, it makes you look untrustworthy, which is not really something people appreciate when it comes to banking.

No “official” admission of it being wrong and no apology either. Regretting paying for premium now if this is a sign of how it’s going to be.


I agree, it was the main feature that made me join Revolut, same for most of my friends. Non-existant customer support, the app going backwards instead of innovating and now they decide to make this vanish. Not sure if my money will stay with Revolut for much longer.


It was a big factor, a lot of my referrals say the same. It has great features but what makes a bank better than another is usually customer support. I used to tell people to be patient and use the same old “they grew way too much” saying, but I think they had more than enough time to hire. When the only way you can reach them is through a text chat and they don’t respond you think twice whether you should trust your money to Revolut or not. And I’m not hating, just sharing how I feel, I joined the Ambassador program for a reason but I’m not impressed right now.


For me it wasn’t the reason I joined, but it was the main reason I decided to get Premium. Now I just feel like a bit of an idiot!
They really need to sort something out for those of us who switched when the promise of lounges was still there.


That’s not how it works. I bought a product, said product didn’t deliver the service it promised. It’s definitely not up to me to pay extra to cancel something that was mis-sold.


The product I bought promised lounge access “soon”. “Soon” is not the same as “maybe”, “in a few years”, “never” or “possibly if you buy the more expensive service we’re going to be launching”.
The court case against Retro Computers has certain similarities - Search “Retro Computers Indiegogo” to see what I mean!


Hello, it was expained multiple time : the Airport lounges access was removed from the Premium package not because it’s not in the roadmap anymore,but becquse Revolut is planning to offert it to all customers : Standard, Premium and Metal… but each one with different level.


I asked the live agent this morning:
“Could you please inform me, if Airport Lounges are still on the roadmap or not anymore. Please be precise.”

After 12 minutes he replied:
“Please kindly note, that there’s no specifics if this feature will be implemented.”

Sounds like an official wording.