Premium: Airport Lounges


Hi Andreas,

Do you and the team have any updates on when lounges might be available please?

Would be a handy feature to have on premium and I’d be keen to know when go-live is expected


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(I’m also looking forward to this, A LOT)


Bumping this to see if Feb 2018 might be the lucky month :wink:


The team is working hard on this, as it’s one of our priorities at the moment.

As soon as we’ve got something to share, we’ll make sure everyone knows about it!


I hope to see major asian airports (Tokyo Narita + Haneda, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur), middle eastern ones (Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, Istanbul Atatürk) and europeans :)))

Or easier, deal with mastercard lounges :slight_smile: (? A pain for those with visa cards?)


I hope to see it everywhere, with a personal greeting to feel like a Prince when I arrive :sunglasses:

Let’s hope they can at least do all major airports in Europe, US and Asia (+ Australia), I have no idea how this works though, so let’s wait and see :slight_smile:


Bumping this to see if 2018 might be the lucky year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sleeping:


After having premium account for almost one year, I can say that the only useful thing was the access on the crowdfunding race. Nothing else. We are still waiting for new features but nothing come up. I know that Revolut is working hard on that but this time let’s see if they will give us some more useful reasons (not like fancy cards made from platinum etc) to continue our subscription. Thank you


I think it was bettercto wait with :r: until more features are available. Or start with the Premium account with a discount


It already has been this priority since September :wink:

Thats very nice and very motivational :slight_smile: but unfortunately not very helpful. I understand that things like a banking licence, local bank accounts for other currencies, airport lounges, and more and exclusive offers :wink: can depend a lot on third parties and can involve a lot of negotiations and work but a “soon” should always be a “soon” and that means not more than one or two months. Otherwise this will lead to a lot of customer frustration.

Your keeping-your-customers-updated refers to availability announcements (once its available, possibly months afterwards) rather than actual status updates. It would be much better if you could provide some rough time frames for announced features - I can understand that you might not want to put all your cards on the table from a competition point of view but the same thing can still lead to aforementioned frustration among your non-paying, and worse, paying customers.

I’d appreciate a non-marketingish response @AndreasK :). Thank you

Airport lounges???

Having complained on chat about this and making an offical complaint I was given this answer. This was middle of Jan. Unless I’m missing something it was not removed from the app, and has not changed?

"On the app, airport lounges were mentioned as a feature we were working on launching and making available to our premium users.

We aim to provide all relevant information to our users in a transparent way and I am really sorry for any miscommunication that has arisen this time. At this time, the information about the availability of the feature has been removed from the app. As per the most recent update from the relevant team, the ETA for this feature is three months."


and after 157 days …

So… is this copy-paste or it’s predefined answer ? :slight_smile:
And oh, the team is working hard on this more than a half of year. Sometimes it’s better to admit that you failed than keep saying “soon” for months and months.


Implementing features that are third-party dependent (e.g. Airports and their lounges, or lounge programmes) take time, since you’re negotiating with a counter-party.


Of course it take time, but they should’nt say that something is coming soon when they just start negotiating and don’t know how long it takes. Don’t get me wrong, I love Revolut (and I’m promoting Revolut to my friends and family as it’s great service) but at the same time I don’t like how they announce new things. December last year I’ve seen tweet from Revolut that they announce new informations about it “very soon” … so it’s end of Feb 2018 (almost 3 months latter) and guess what… still nothing.


As I wrote that is certainly understandable but - as I wrote above as well - a “soon” should be a “soon” and not a “maybe at some point in the future”.

Revolut has an excellent business idea but lacks in communication and level of support it provides.


Spot on :slight_smile: Sometime copy and paste is faster. I’m kidding :slight_smile:

Answering the same question again again can be tricky. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an update to provide. I know this takes longer than anticipated but it’s a huge project and we want everything to be perfect.


I hope it won’t be shut down in one day like :))

And i hope it will include asian and middle east airports


Rev Me is back though :slight_smile:


@AndreasK The problem is it wasnt really answered in the first place :wink: see my earlier response please.


I was replying to @mosbiq :slight_smile: