Premium: Airport Lounges


The transfer to card option sounds like a good way to trigger Revolut’s AML bots, no?



I don’t know that, maybe with tones of transactions or big amounts, will trigger the bots.

I guess that’s the future of payments, only 2 major providers (visa & mastercards) no borders, no iban or local numbers and of course cheaper transaction in real time.



I’m glad to live in EU because of SEPA and PSD2. We’re able to top-up our Revolut EUR account with a SEPA transfer which takes 1 working day, and most banks have free SEPA transfers. Moreover, Revolut doesn’t charge fees for top-ups by card because EU capped interchange fees to 0.2/0.3%.

People asking for bigger cashback and criticizing EU for capped fees should think twice about it; the customer is the one who indirectly pays for all fees, EU shops can accept card payments without losing too much money thanks to capped fees, that means they can offer lower prices. That’s not always true, but that fits with the EU effort to encourage competition.

P.S. we’re going Off Topic

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American airports have got this to a fine art. Make the free section as terrible and tatty as possible so everyone goes into the lounge