Please provide a web app

The way the did it now isn’t too bad. Password and an OTP via E-Mail. Didn’t see that coming. :sweat_smile:

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@pax0707 already postet it before you made your thread. No need to say the same thing twice here. :wink:

It’s what they’re doing with business accounts since they are available.

Credentials needed for business: mail + password. For retail account: phone no. + PIN. Since mail addresses are verified (weaker, but still similar to device binding), OTPs can be sent this way.

The business account also offers log-in confirmation via push notification and app. If the business app is installed on your phone, a notification pops up, and one can confirm logging into the web interface with a simple tap. I wouldn’t be surprised if that arrives for retail accounts as well. Then you’ve got two options: conformation via app is more convenient and faster, and email link as fallback in case the phone is lost/stolen.

From what people on Reddit have tested it’s active for personal accounts in 25ish EU countries.

I received an email from Revolut to a survey that unfortunately doesn’t work, I wanted to reiterate how we miss a proper web app, it’s 2020, pandemic happened, we could do much more and faster from the comfort of our pc with big display, mouse and keyboard, but with revolut is not possible… I hate todays trend that you must have a ios/android phone/tablet to use something.