Please provide a web app


I think there should be a web app as well as the mobile app. The web app should use TOTP ( for security.

I often want to manage my card, but don’t want to have to fart around doing that on my phone. This is particularly critical for support requests, as I’ve found the app crashed and I couldn’t use the in app chat on my phone.

The nuts and bolts of the mobile app is very basic, so could be implemented within a web view, then the same app could be rolled out across iPhone, Windows Phone, Android and the web.

Revolut On WebBrowser

Yes x1000!! This and Pay support are the two I really want. :upside_down_face:


There most certainly should be a web based application or site that users can use to manage their account.


Excellent suggestion !
Smartphone App is nice when travelling, but a web app is really needed for support, especially as the Android app is so unstable and there are so many issues with top ups, adding new cards, etc.


I would be glad to use that too. Checking my account or typing “help” messages would be much easier on a keyboard than on my phone.


The no 1 weakness of Revolut is the risk of losing both card and phone at the same time, possibly by mugging, and then not being able to block the card without going through a difficult process involving calling Support (in office hours) from someone else’s mobile phone, downloading the app to it and only then logging on. A web app would completely solve this and provide reassurance


I agree. Although the app is super amazing, a web-site/ web-app would be the icing on the cake.



We’re still looking into the possibility of support web app. Once we have more information we’ll announce.


bonjour des nouvelles svp


Still only “looking into the possibility”?! Of course it’s possible. You need to get on with developing it, and stop looking into the possibility. It’s needed, urgently. Period. Should be No. 1 priority.


Revolut competitor Loot now has a Web App: Loot Web App. When is Revolut getting one? I understand that Monzo is also developing a Web app.


Hey - we’re currently working on this. We’ll provide an update once we have more info.


Thanks @AndreasK I think you need at lest another channel. Say you are traveling and your phone gets wet, or breaks or is stolen… Being tied with your SIM card becomes a problem, and increasingly so the more your rely on Revolut to deal with your spending. There must be another channel accessible from a backup device… another mobile, a tablet, a laptop…


Hello, today I’ve received a mail after a transfer to a bank account.

It’s the very first mail sended to me by Revolut ! (with the one to suscribe the forum of course).

Before, nothing out of my mobile phone.

Is it a sign of an incoming web app ? It would be really great !


Totally agree, A web APP is a must to have.


A web app is possible, but much more likely, and probably more useful, is an online banking web site. They already have this for Revolut for business.


Hi Andreas, you promised in March to provide an update on browser access.
please let us know. I need it today.


Yes, some kind of desktop app is mandatory.
If a web app turns out to be… “complex”, in terms of authentication, you could simply start with a windows/linux(and so, mac) application.

Not as flexible as a webapp, but maybe simpler in terms of authentication. And not so far from the present code. Please, this is really necessary. Thanks!


@AndreasK Hi there, any updates on this? It seems like things take a really long time to develop in Revolut, when most banks/financial services also have a web site. My phone broke down and I could not get into Revolut settings to change things on my card. Was quite frustrating and useless. I think you guys should really get to work on this, as most people need to get things done and don’t have time fooling around with all the bells and whistles of the app. They just want to log in, change card settings, Exchange money, top up, talk to support, ecc. How can it be so hard?


@AndreasK Any updates?
This should get the utmost priority of Revolut developers NOW. A web app is really a game changer. I know many friends who ended up using N26 instead of Revolut because they found it so convenient to have web access. If I were Revolut and didn’t want to lose easy customers, I would put this among my top priorities.