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Hi, i have the same problem. I for a long time in waiting list for open business UK account. I am Russian but now I traveling and also i have a registered Ltd company in UK. I want to open a business account, can you help me?


Hello @Yuliyavvlove :wave:,

Welcome to our community. I understand you wish to open a business account with us. Physical presence in the UK, Switzerland, or any country in the EEA is an essential requirement for opening a Revolut account in the relevant region.

For businesses incorporated in the UK or Switzerland , these requisites need to be met:

  • The applicant needs to reside in the UK, Switzerland or any country in the EEA
  • The operating address of the business needs to be an address in the UK, the EEA or Switzerland

Revolut may ask for documents from you as proof the above requirements are being met by your business. If that’s the case, you’ll receive detailed instructions on what additional documents we need from you and you’ll be able to upload them directly in-app.

You can check the eligibility criteria here as well - What are the eligibility requirements to open a Revolut Business account?

If you meet the criteria, please feel free to open the business account with us. We have mentioned the steps here - Want To Sign Up For A Business Account? :arrow_backward:

SG | Community Team

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Hello Admin, i tried opening an account today. i got to where i needed to upload additional documents to prove my service address, my screen just went blank and next minute revolut is saying they cant offer my business an account. I do have a physical address here in the uk so why is that happening? Can you help ?

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Hello @quantum :wave:,

Welcome to our community. I can understand you wish to know the rejection reason. You can check our article here where we have mentioned about the possible reasons behind rejection. Hope that helps. :pray:

SG | Community Team

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